Apps to Help You Live More Naturally

Apps to Help You Live More Naturally

“Keys? Check! Wallet? Check! Smartphone? Of course!”

For may of us, smartphones are our lifelines. We use them as MP3 players, game devices, social networking portals, and a rolodex. But sometimes the chime alerting us about another notification can feel a bit jarring. To pull back, and ensure our gadgets are working for our needs, try adding some apps that inspire healthy living and even reduce stress!

Here are a few we’re big fans of:

Stress Check by AIIR Consulting, LLC has you take a short assessment developed by clinical psychologists to gauge your current level of stress. You end the assessment by receiving a score, and based on your questions the app helps you identify where your stress is coming from (control, situational, interpersonal or physiological). Each time you take the assessment to measure your stress level, your “stress score” will be recorded within the app so you can see how you’re managing your stress levels over time. The free app is available for iOS devices.

Pocket Yoga by Rainfrog, LLC has consistently been rated one of the best yoga apps, and we can see why! Not only is the idea of a yoga app great for busy yogis who want to get in practice every day, but Pocket Yoga offers 27 practices to choose from at varying levels of intensity. Plus, the user experience really intuitive. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and costs $2.99.

Deep Sleep With Andrew Johnson guides you through a relaxing meditation to help you fall asleep. Looking at the reviews online, this app has even helped long suffering insomniacs get some shut eye. Available for $2.99 for Android and iOS devices.

WellnessFX lets you track your personal health goals and mark them as completed when you’ve accomplished them. Think of it like a digital health to-do list that you can take everywhere with you! This app is free and available for iOS devices. (The app developers are working on an Android version to launch in the near future).

OM Meditation: Mantra Chanting by Panagola guides you through various meditations using different mantras. An in-app timer allows you to completely let-go and enjoy meditation without interruption until the session is complete. This free app is available for Android devices.

True Food by True Food Network is an app you’ll want to open every time you visit the grocery store. The app will help you identify and avoid GMO foods using current updates from the Center for Food Safety. Find non-GMO brands, and if there is a brand you frequently buy that’s not on the app, simply email the company and they’ll work on adding it in their next update. This free app is available for iOS.

We love when our technology works to make us healthier and happier!

Tell us, what are your favorite health and natural-living apps? 

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