Make it Better: 3 Quick Ways to Reduce Pollution

Make it Better: 3 Quick Ways to Reduce Pollution

Make It Better

Every day is Earth Day here at Honest. But given that it’s Earth Month, we have all the more reason to share some easy ways for you to live greener. Today we’re sharing a few quick facts about pollution (sad) and even quicker ways you can help (happy!) — every little step adds up!


The number one source of solid waste in the United States is containers and packaging — almost 76 million tons annually. (Source: EPA) Can you believe it? How ridiculous is it that our main source of garbage is something so frivolous?


Avoid single serving-sized products and buy concentrated products.


In 2011, only 13 percent of plastic containers and packaging were recycled. (Source: EPA) With how commonplace recycling has become, we could certainly be recycling sooooooo much more than this. Let’s step it up, people!


Recycle! Make sure your friends and family and work colleagues all recycle, too. Visit to find out where you can recycle almost everything.


In the United States, the average person’s annual water footprint is 787,276 gallons. That’s about 90 gallons every single hour! (Note: Our water footprint is estimated by combining how much water is used and wasted to support our daily lifestyles; most use is from things you don’t see, like growing food and making products. Sources: USGS + The Water Footprint of Humanity)


The biggest way we can reduce water use is by eating less meat. Consider this: The average household of four in the U.S. uses about 400 gallons of water a day for laundry, bathing, etc. while over 4,000 gallons of water are required for one hamburger. (Sources: EPA + USGS)

There’s really no quick fix for leaving our planet a little better for future generations, but there are so many things we can do better. Our mission is to try a little harder each day and we hope you will, too. Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Together, we can make it better.

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