Refresh & Refocus with a DIY Detox Bath

Refresh & Refocus with a DIY Detox Bath

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The holidays have come and gone and now it’s time to head back to reality. While the New Year is an exciting time, it also can be a bit chaotic when trying to get back on track in all areas of life. If you find yourself overly stressed, then this DIY detoxifying bath soak could be just the remedy for you. Even if you are feeling perfectly at peace with your life, everyone can benefit from its naturally therapeutic effects. Take a look at some of the perks (listed below) of these detoxing ingredients!

  • Epsom salt = eliminates toxins, reduces inflammation, relieves muscle aches
  • Sea salt = opens pores, soothes skin
  • Baking soda = relieves skin irritation, softens skin
  • Ground ginger = generates heat, increases circulation, opens pores

This DIY detox bath soak will work to rid your body of the everyday toxins you accumulate over time, while helping you relax your muscles and your mind. It will also aid in moisturizing your skin, which can be an especially important thing to do with the harsh weather conditions this time of year. Now head to the pantry and let’s get started!

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  • ⅓ cup Epsom salt
  • ⅓ cup sea salt
  • ⅓ cup baking soda
  • 2 ½ teaspoons ground ginger

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  1. Mix your ingredients in a medium sized bowl. If you plan to bathe right away, set bowl aside. If you are making it to use later or to gift, seal it up in an airtight container such as a small mason jar.

  2. Set the mood for relaxation! Dim the lights or light your favorite Honest Aromatic Soy Candle. Calming music may also help you tune out the distractions of daily life.

  3. Draw a bath with water as hot as you can stand it. The water will need to be hot enough to completely dissolve your ingredients, as well as to make you sweat.

  4. Pour your mixture into the tub. Feel free to add a few drops of essential oils at this time to heighten the spa experience even more.

  5. Soak for about 30-40 minutes to take full advantage of the detox. You can also use a loofah to brush away dead skin cells.

  6. Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after your bath to prevent dehydration. If desired, follow-up your soak with a little Honest Body Oil to lock in moisture.

  7. Get ready to glow!


How do you like to detox? Share your favorite ideas in the comments below!

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