How We Ensure Our Honest Diaper Safety Standards

How We Ensure Our Honest Diaper Safety Standards

The Best Possible Product, For You

We love our babies, we love your babies. That’s why we go to every possible end to ensure that our diapers make for a safe, happy Honest family experience. Because at the heart of it all, we are a company made by parents, for parents.  

We’ve Carefully Selected Our Partners

When we decided we were going to make our diapers, we set the bar high. There were 3 things we absolutely wouldn’t compromise on: safety, performance and sustainability.

We learned very quickly that having these very comprehensive, high standards means exploring within and beyond our borders to find best-in-class partners.

We’re proud to say that we found manufacturing partners that not only meet all of these standards, but share our passion for them.

Meet Our Trusted Partners

They’ve been in business for over 30 years and have a team of dedicated engineers and scientists that are considered global thought leaders in the absorbent products industry — AKA they really know what they’re doing.

They, like us, are always striving to go the extra mile for every Honest family. We continue to be confident in our partnership as we work together toward our common mission every day.

Our 5-Step Safety Check ✓✓✓✓✓

The manufacturing process is amazing, but it’s also complicated and it requires people and machines working together at high speeds and volumes.

That’s why we have a tight system of checks and balances that helps us keep a handle on all the variables involved and ensure that we are always evolving to meet the highest possible standard of safety.

Even with the strictest of processes, we are human as are our partners and on very rare occasions there is the possibility that human or mechanical mishaps could occur. We always learn and improve from these scenarios and are proud of our strict process that includes:

  1. Our diapers are checked for defects with an in-line quality vision inspection. This system snapshots the diapers during the manufacturing process to ensure it’s not just intact, but up to our standards in every way.
  2. Our diaper lines undergo extensive cleaning procedures performed by skilled employees before, during and after production. In an effort to ensure the highest level of cleanliness, brushes are used to clean the machines multiple times a day.
  3. We have metal detection systems in place both during the manufacturing process and prior to boxing after, the shrink-wrapped finished product is completed. We’re constantly double checking these systems as an added precaution.
  4. Every 30 minutes, we perform in-process quality inspections. That means if any brand-new situations arise we can identify and address them immediately.
  5. Then, once the product arrives to Honest's distribution centers, we perform another quality inspection. This is when we sample each lot, verify the lot code and ensure each one complies with our product specifications and high quality standards.

We’ve Got Top-Notch Certifications

Our facilities have these important certifications:

ISO 9001:2015: The ISO 9000 family of standards is about quality management. They’re designed to help organizations like us ensure that they meet the needs of customers and statutory and regulatory requirements.

BRC Certification (Global Standard for Consumer Products Personal Care and Household): This certification is an internationally recognized mark of quality, which is achieved by undertaking a third-party audit against standard requirements.

HACCP (Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)/HACCP for Non Food Consumer Goods): Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or HACCP, is a preventive approach to safety that identifies physical, allergenic, chemical, and biological hazards in the production processes and designs measurements to reduce any detected risks to a safe level.

GMPs: The FDA’s protocol for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are production and testing practices that help to ensure a quality product from building and facilities, equipment, personnel, raw materials, record-keeping, labeling, complaints, and laboratory controls.

Safe, effective, quality product? ✓

Commitment to the environment? ✓

Superior service and responsiveness to our demands? ✓

Amazing product? ✓✓✓


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