What is Limonene Oil?

What is Limonene Oil?


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Limonene (Orange) Oil

What it is:

Limonene oil is an essential oil from the rind of an orange fruit. Unlike the extraction processes of most essential oils, it's a byproduct of the manufacture of orange juice (1). Waste not, want not!

What it does:

Limonene oil is used for a wide variety of purposes from cleaners to cosmetics and more (2). And, because limonene is what gives citrus its unmistakable scent, it’s also used in natural food flavorings, fragrances, and aromatherapy (2).

Why we use it:

Cleaning can be an annoying chore. So, we try to make it better not only with safer products, but also by using naturally-derived scents that elicit a little delight. We use limonene oil in our Floor Cleaner to help boost the cleaning power and help boost your mood with its citrusy, refreshing scent.


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