An Honest Thank You

An Honest Thank You

An Honest Thank You

Dear Honest Friends,

One year ago today, we launched The Honest Company and whether you've been with us from the beginning or just the past month, we want to say THANK YOU! Seriously, as a member of our community, you've made a real commitment to the Honest movement. You are a change-maker. A vital voice in the growing crowd of people demanding a safer, healthier, happier world for children.

When we started this journey, we really wanted to do things different and better, but we knew we couldn't do it alone. We exist because of your support and constant feedback and engagement. Thank you for helping us reach this exciting milestone. Thank you for doing everything you do to create a healthier home (and planet). Thank you for helping build this movement.

You. Are. The. Best.

Together we WILL make it better!


Jessica Alba & Christopher Gavigan


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