How to Build a Mantra

How to Build a Mantra


We all know how worry and anxiety cause such great distress in our lives, yet few of us know how to use a mantra to build a different mental and spiritual awareness. The word “mantra” has an exotic ring to it. Some say the word mantra has two parts: "man," which in Sanskrit means "mind," and "tra," which means "instrument." A mantra is therefore an instrument of the mind, a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a different state of consciousness.

But with so many spiritual practices that are emerging today, a mantra doesn’t have to be a Sanskrit invocation of a Hindu God. It can be a non-religious, yet effective way to change your thoughts. As the saying goes, “Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life.” A mantra is a way to take a worry and turn it around. It takes your nervous energy and transforms it into positive action, creating a field of awareness for change to occur.

Here’s How:

Identify your worry: I am sick and tired.

Create a sentence that is what you want in your life: I am in perfect health!

I learned so much about mantras from my mentor Mielle Vietor. She taught me to end all of my mantras with, “I am safe, I am free.” If something is not flowing easily into your life, it is often because fear is standing in the way. State what you want in a way that is both positive and focused in the present then add the phrase, “I am safe, I am free.”  This reinforces your affirmation with confidence and faith and gives your mantra that extra gusto.

Mantra Formula

“Worry replaced with a positive present affirmation + I am safe, I am free!”

Tips to Build an Effective Mantra

Keep it positive! You’re subconscious mind doesn’t hear the word “no.” So, avoid mantras like “I am not sick” otherwise your sub-conscious mind is still hearing I am sick!” By way of example, the phrase “my sickness is improving” reinforces sickness not health! So if you are feeling ill using words like, “improving health,” or “abundant health,” which will work more effectively in a mantra.

Be in the now!  A life-changing mantra will have the present as its focus. “I am” or “I know how to”…is the easiest way to get used to this. The idea is that if you keep your wants in the future that is where they will stay. Can you feel the difference between “I want to be healthy,” and “I am healthy now”?

Keep it simple! A powerful mantra doesn’t need to be long; it can be expressed in a few words or a couple of sentences. Choose strong, powerful, and efficient language that means something to you personally.

Feel it! Once you have your mantra, let the energy of the positive promise you are creating fill your being. This part is the magic! If you have done your mantra well this will be easy. If it’s not, try and tweak your mantra with words that fill you up, make you smile, and bring you ease. You only need a few powerful mantras that you can use your whole life!

mantra 2

Here Are Some Mantras I Love:

“I let go, I lose control, I am safe, I am free”

“I am in perfect health, I am safe, I am free.”

“I am financially abundant. I am safe, I am free”

“I am doing what I love and love what I do. I am safe, I am free”

“I know how to balance my family and my work. I am safe, I am free”

“Every little cell in my body is happy, every little cell in my body is free” (This can be done to the tune of “mama’s little baby loves shortening bread.”)


Helpful Words to Use in Your Mantras

  • For Health: Vital, Radiant, Alive, Healthy
  • For Money: Wealth, Abundant, Effortless stability
  • For Anxiety/Stress: I know how to, Peace, Calm, Balance
  • For Love: Worthy, Complete, Fulfilled
  • For Overcoming Depression: Inspired, Enthusiastic, Confident, Motivated

Be faithful to your mantra—practice and you will see results! Mantras don’t usually bring a change overnight, they need to seep down into your mind and heart, but give it time and space and prepare to change!


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