The Honest Balancing Act & Long-Term Vision

The Honest Balancing Act & Long-Term Vision

Creating A Safe & Healthy Future

We’re often asked by customers, “How does Honest determine what goes into its products?” And, as we continue to refine our formulas and introduce new products, this is a great question.

Creating Honest products is a complicated process. We carefully weigh a lot of factors: safety, efficacy, design, affordability, environmental attributes, source of ingredients, manufacturing practices, and more.

It’s a delicate balancing act, and it requires some give and take. While we aim for the product development stars, excelling in absolutely every attribute category results in an unattainable product. For example, we could make a handcrafted, 100% organic lotion in a biodegradable package and deliver it via bicycle, but the end cost would be so prohibitively high only 1% of the population could afford it.

To us, safety and effectiveness are imperatives, but everything else has to be weighed, juggled, and balanced until we find a path that still results in an accessible product. It’s part of a long-term plan to get safe, effective and responsibly made products into more people’s hands. And, as more people buy them, the market shifts to meet that growing demand and prices then fall, too. Hopefully—ultimately—safe, responsibly made products become the norm. They’ll be what everyone makes, what lines every store shelf, and what everyone buys. It’s a big dream, but we know it can be a reality!

By becoming an Honest member, you’re making an investment in a better future—not only for your family because you’ll be using safe, effective and responsibly made products, but all families because you’re helping us drive market and social change. There’s a quote by L.N. Smith that says, “Every dollar you spend . . . is a vote you cast for the world you want.”

We hope that people vote for an Honest world. Because all of us, together, can make it better.

We aim to provide you with the most honest and credible information possible. This article was reviewed for accuracy by The Honest Team and was written based on trusted sources that are linked at the bottom of the article.