You Inspired Our #HonestMom Campaign (And We Want to Hear From You!)

You Inspired Our #HonestMom Campaign (And We Want to Hear From You!)

Have you seen our latest commercial dedicated to you, our amazing supporters? The 30-second spot features real moms sharing their stories about motherhood — both the perfect and imperfect moments that make being a mom so wonderful. This is part of our #HonestMom campaign and we want to hear from all moms, including you!

The campaign started when we reached out to customers in the Los Angeles area and asked if they wanted to take part in an Honest commercial. We were overwhelmed by the number of responses from our passionate Honest Moms! While it was hard to narrow down the list, we invited 15 moms to our Santa Monica headquarters to meet us and audition for the commercial.

It was so difficult to pick just one mom for the television commercial because every mom had a special story to share. Ultimately, we chose Ryan McGee whose personal statement spoke to all of us:

“I am totally blown away by The Honest Company's commitment to reducing the negative impact of disposable diapers on the environment, as well as the convenience, cost, and quality of diapers. I use the size 4 diapers for my daughter, Dylan, as well the training under-pants for my other daughter, Reese,” she wrote. “It is more than just an incredibly convenient service delivered to my doorstep, but a lesson that will shape how my girls treat the world with absolute care and respect…I am giving my daughters something that is good for them, good for the earth, and good for my checkbook.”

Because so many moms wanted to share their stories with us, we knew that we were on to something. So, we decided to create online videos featuring a number of the amazing moms who visited our office. They reminded us why creating safe, affordable, and non-toxic products for busy families is so important and we sincerely thank them for that!

And now we want to hear from you! Check out our Facebook page to read stories about Honest mom moments, and leave your own comment sharing your mom moment with us. If you’re selected, you’ll win a year’s worth of Honest diapers, wipes, and essentials. The #HonestMom campaign runs until the end of March.

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