The Quickest Head-to-Toe Nighttime Routine for Parents

The Quickest Head-to-Toe Nighttime Routine for Parents

Creating a Routine

As moms, we have a love-hate relationship with routine: Some days it feels impossible to keep up and some days it feels like having one is the only way to keep it together. 

The trick for any busy parent is to create mini-routines for yourself throughout the day, limited to only a few steps, that you can insert into your schedule whenever it works, even if it’s not at the same time every day. 

We love to do this because sticking to a routine can have awesome benefits especially when it comes to the thing we all need: sleep.

Step 1: Selfie Care

The cardinal rule of skincare is to wash your face every single night. But we get it — it’s the last thing any exhausted parent wants to do. Make easier on yourself, with this quick and clean duo:

  1. At nighttime we love to use our Gel-to-Milk Cleanser because it’s delicately scented with rose water, which sets a lovely tone for the rest of our routine.

  2. Make sure to replenish any moisture that was washed away by applying Organic Facial Oil.

How It Helps: 

Even if you have to talk yourself into it every night, you’ll be happy in 18 years when your kid is out of the house and your skin still looks great. Plus, it just feels so much better to rest your head on your pillow with a fresh face. 

Step 2: Relax The Bod

From lugging kids around to loading the car, there’s bound to be one part of your body that’s sore. Pinpoint any tense areas (hello, shoulders) and give them a quick 5 second massage using our Lavender Lotion. Then, rub a bit of lotion on your chest and take a deep breath of the dreamy lavender scent. 

How It Helps:

There are certain pressure points on your body that are known to help you sleep if you rub them — like the area of your wrist below your pinky and inner leg, just above your ankle. And, lavender is often used in aromatherapy to promote calmness. 

Step 3: Reset Your Mindset

Now that you’ve taken the opportunity to sooth your body, it’s time to relax your mind. 

Do a meditation like this one created by our friends at Stop.Breathe.Think :

  1. Lay on down in your bed on your back and close your eyes. 

  2. Think of one good thing that happened in the day (even if it's as small as checking off your grocery list) and take a moment to soak it in. 

  3. Focus on your happy thought or accomplishment and slowly breathe in for 5 counts and out for 5 counts. 

  4. As you breathe, make a point of expressing appreciation. Say to yourself things like “That was great.” or “I really appreciated that.” 

How It Helps: Scientists have actually shown that paying attention to positive experiences for at least 10 seconds helps desensitize the brain to negative ones, which can help shift your whole way of thinking into that happy, optimistic, resilient zone which will put you in a much better place to drift off into sleep. 


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