Dry Wipes

Dry Wipes

Our pure Dry Wipes are designed with tender tushies in mind, made with 100% sustainably sourced organic cotton (and nothing more).


Honest Dry Wipes
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You can control the wetness and the temperature. Use dry to clean + absorb wet messes, or simply add water. It's up to you. Honest Tip: For blowouts, use dry wipes with Soothing Bottom Wash for a refreshing clean

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Every Parent Needs an Honest, Reliable Dry Wipe

Every veteran parent knows that wet wipes are the key to making newborn diaper changes a breeze. But let’s not forget the unsung hero of on-the-go changes: dry wipes. Honest dry wipes are made specially with newborn’s delicate skin in mind, so you can rest assured babe’s sensitive skin is taken care of.

After all, when you’re wiping a newborn sensitive skin, not just any fabric will do. Some dry baby wipes are made of synthetic fibers and plastic resin, which makes them less-than-sustainable, not to mention abrasive to tender tushies. Others have scented additives that can irritate sensitive skin.

At Honest, we’ve designed a line of 100% organic cotton dry wipes with absolutely no additives. These disposable dry wipes are sustainably sourced and biodegradable. This makes them the perfect choice for any outing where spills, gurgles, or diaper changes are a possibility. And if you find yourself in need of a wet wipe, you don’t even need a separate product. Just add water, and you’re ready to tackle every aspect of the mess. Adventures with a newborn just got a whole lot easier!