Mini Diaper Cakes

Our super cute (and custom made) diaper cakes make the perfect baby shower gift.


Whether you’re looking for unique diaper cakes for girls or boys, we’ve got all the super-cute styles perfect for any baby shower. Packed inside the layers of diapers, are baby and nursery essentials to help mama get started. Each of our diaper cakes is custom-made to your order and ship within one to three days. Our diaper cakes are packed with plenty of baby-essential goodness.

Each Cake Includes:
Honest Diapers (Size 1, 35 Diapers): Our super absorbent, hypoallergenic, stylish diapers
Shampoo + Body Wash ( 0.75 fl. oz.): Trusted and naturally-derived ingredients gently cleanse and nourish from head to toe
Face + Body Lotion (0.75 fl. oz.): Super-moisturizing, gentle lotion made with calendula and aloe
Organic All-Purpose Balm (0.75 oz.): Our award-winning all-purpose ointment for dry, rough and sensitive skin
Honest Wipes*(10 Count, 2 packs): Durable and extra thick, plant-based baby wipes with over 99% water

*Packaging for this product may vary in its ingredients and labeling.

Simply bring our showstopping Honest Mini Diaper Cake to your next baby shower. Need a larger Diaper Cake? We have that, too!

Please consult your product packaging for further details. For product-specific information like ingredient lists, please refer to the individual product pages.

Cake Dimensions: 7.75 inches, length; 7.75 inches, width; 14 inches, height; 2.45 pounds


You’ll want to find a diaper with a soft liner, great absorbency, a good fit and safe materials. Read more about What Makes a Good Diaper?

We love using plant-based and sustainable materials in our Honest diapers wherever we can. That’s why all our diapers use a bio-based core of sustainably-harvested fluff pulp and plant-derived materials. Plus, the ingredients in our diapers work really well to help stop leaks.

We design our Honest diapers with your baby’s delicate skin in mind. That’s why we use hypoallergenic materials, and why we stay away from potential irritants.