Sustainability Facts

Reusable bottles mean less bottles heading to the landfill. Plus, by shipping the bottles empty our kits are about 5.5 lbs lighter which means less energy is used to transport them. And that little change makes a big difference across thousands of kits.

Why Conscious Cleaning?

600 million bottles of household products may end up in a landfill - we designed our Conscious Cleaning Essentials with refillable bottles that can last up to a lifetime*

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How does it work?

Step 1: Insert the cleaning pod into the bottle. Step 2: Fill the bottle to the top with cold water. Step 3: Wait one minute. Shake. Spray. Wipe.

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Clean Vibes Kit

Comes with all three Conscious Cleaning Essentials (3 empty spray bottles, 3 corresponding refills with two pods per refill), a reusable microfiber towel, and a palo santo stick for good, clean vibes. By choosing our Clean Vibes Kit, you can use over 85% less plastic in two years**

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Refillable Cleaning Starter Sets

Designed for all your cleaning needs, each starter set comes with one empty 28oz Spray Bottle + 2 Refill Pods. The bottles and pumps are designed to be able to be used and refilled over and over again.

Need a refill?

By shipping our bottles empty, we save 1.8 pounds of water being shipped per bottle and almost 5.5 pounds in the three pack starter kit. Simply fill up our bottles at home with our refill pods to keep the clean vibes going. Each refill comes with 2 pods!

*When used as directed, based on our expected sprayer lifetime and use from 2019 IRI Average Purchase Cycle data of Multi Surface, Glass and Bathroom Cleaners

**Based on the comparison weight between Honest Conscious Cleaning bottles and refills to the Honest Multi Surface Spray bottles and 2019 IRI Average Purchase Cycle data of Multi Surface, Glass and Bathroom Cleaners. Thank you for being part of our conscious cleaning journey!