disinfecting spray, face masks and hand sanitizer sitting on a white table

Stay Safe

Protect yourself + others with these safe + clean essentials.

You shouldn’t have to choose between what works + what’s good (aka safe) for you
Power Players

Protect yourself + your fam on-the-go with our 65% (+ touch of aloe) Alcohol Wipes, then kill 99.9% of germs + bacteria with our hand sanitizing spray. Keep hard, non-porous surfaces safe + clean with our 3-in-1 disinfectant that helps break down grease + grime, kills 99% of germs, fights against cold + flu viruses, and helps reduce the build-up of mold + mildew over time.

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Well Sprayed

Just because something is clean, that doesn’t mean it’s disinfected. Cleaning removes dust + dirt from the surface, sanitizing reduces the amount of bacteria, and a disinfectant kills the germs + viruses your fam comes in contact with daily. Spray Honest Disinfecting Spray onto the hard, non-porous surface, wait for 10 minutes (that’s how long it takes to find + kill germs), then wipe clean.

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Play It Safe

Quickly clean hands on-the-go when there’s no soap + water around. Our 65% alcohol wipes effectively clean (+ a touch of aloe) helps keep your hands from getting dry. Designed for your babe’s delicate skin, our fragrance-free baby wipes are made without parabens or chlorine processing.

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Bye, Bye Germs

Kill 99% of germs + bacteria with our plant-based hand sanitizer without leaving a sticky residue. Our hypoallergenic + dermatologist-tested formula helps keep your hands sanitized while aloe helps leave skin feeling soft + moisturized. Spritz on-the-go with our 2oz bottles – perfect to keep in purses, cars, backpacks + around the house.

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