Mineral Based

Contains more than 50% mineral ingredients

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Mineral-based product definition

For an Honest product to be considered “mineral-based,” the quantity of its mineral ingredients has to represent more than 50% of the total formula.

So with something like a powder foundation, the manufacturer grinds minerals — such as talc, zinc oxide, mica and iron oxide — into superfine particles to create the product. Similarly, mineral-based sunscreens have liquid bases with those particles blended into the mix.

What is in mineral-based skincare?

Some of the common minerals you’ll see in Honest mineral-based products include:

Mica: You know that extra bit of shimmer in your foundation? You can thank mica for that radiant glow.

Zinc oxide: One of the active ingredients in mineral sunscreens, Zinc oxide is a UV filter.

Iron oxide: How do mineral makeups get their color? Iron oxide. It provides the pigment that helps color match the shade to your skin.

Titanium dioxide: An active ingredient in mineral sunscreens also used in color cosmetics for its ability to help blur imperfections.

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What is mineral oil?

Mineral oil is a colorless, odorless substance that is derived from petroleum. Due to its low cost, mineral oil is a common ingredient in baby and beauty products — from lotions and ointments to makeup removers. It is something that we choose not to put in any of our products and instead choose to formulate with plant derived alternatives like safflower and jojoba oils.

Some Honest mineral-based favorites: