Our Honest Purpose

We’ve always believed small choices add up to a big difference. Call it The Butterfly Effect. By supporting Honest, you're showing support for organizations that share our values and amplify our impact, making happy, healthy lives possible for more people everywhere.

Advocacy + Outreach

We know being a parent isn’t easy. We’re here to make living a more conscious life possible from the start, with support, resources and care for all your pre and postnatal needs.

Community Service

Our compassionate team has volunteered over 20,000 hours (and counting) giving back to our communities through donation drives, serving meals, beach cleanups and more.

Honest Donations

Over 30 million family personal care, feminine care, clean beauty products and other essentials have been donated to individuals and families serviced by our nonprofit partners.


We value our mission-driven partners working hand in hand with us to create change where and when it matters the most.


From day one, we’ve partnered with Baby2Baby to help provide diapers, wipes and basic essentials to children in at-risk communities across the country.

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Our partnership with March of Dimes helps fund research, advocacy, and service programs that address the current maternal health crisis and support moms in need.

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Honest has partnered with Plant-My-Tree® to plant 1,000 trees to celebrate focus on eco-friendly packaging options.