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Take on potty training with our award-winning, easy on and off, eco-friendly* toddler Training Pants.


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We know potty training can come with its own challenges, so we want to help make this transition as smooth as possible with our easy on and off toddler Training Pants. Perfect for potty training, our training pants feature an underwear-like fit for big-kid undies comfort and feel. 

Our Training Pants can be added to your Diapers + Wipes Bundle 

Underwear-Like Fit: 
Comfy-stretch waistband and side panels, and soft inner and outer layer for big-kid undies comfort and feel. 

Easy On + Off: 
Optimized for quick on-and-off training with stretchy waistband and easy tear-away sides. We got you! 

Eco-Friendly* Materials: Bio-based core with sustainably harvested fluff pulp and plant-derived materials 

Super-Absorbent Core:
Accidents happen! Super-absorbent core and secure-fitting moisture barrier cuffs to help prevent leaks — just in case

*see diaper diagram

Don’t sweat the accidents! Simply use in place of a diaper during the potty-training process.

CAUTION: To avoid risk of suffocation, keep this packaging away from babies and children. Choking may result from anything babies put in their mouths. To avoid risk of choking, do not allow baby to tear the diaper. Like any piece of clothing, diapers are flammable.

Materials: Absorbent Bio-Core [Totally Chlorine-Free (TCF) Wood Pulp From Sustainably Managed Forests, Bio-Based Polymer From Wheat Starch Blended With Sodium Polyacrylate], Outer Layer and Inner Layer (Plant-Based PLA), Leg/Waist System (Polymer Spandex & Polypropylene), Polyolefin Adhesives In Seams & Joins, Super-Cute Design on Backsheet (Inks)

Size 2T/3T: 26 count
Size 3T/4T: 23 count
Size 4T/5T: 19 count

Our Training Pants can be added to your Diapers + Wipes Bundle 

2012 National Parenting Publication Gold Award Winner


Think of our toddler training pants as the step in-between diapers and undies. They have a cloth-like feel, comfy-stretch waistband and contoured fit to more closely mimic underwear.

Every toddler is different! You can check out our Potty Training 101: Some Honest Tips and Tricks, which include key signs of readiness.

Absolutely. Honest training pants have a super-absorbent core because we know accidents happen. If you have a heavy overnight wetter though, we recommend switching to an Overnight Diaper before bed.