5 Easy Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep

5 Easy Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep

Whoever came up with the cliché of sleeping like a baby, clearly never had a baby. Babies are much more well-known for waking up multiple times every night and causing long-term sleep deprivation for their parents. It’s perhaps one of the least enjoyable aspects of parenting.

Next time you’re trying to soothe your sweetie to sleep, or back into slumber in the wee hours of the night, try one of these easy tips:

1. Make some noise. Try a variety of soothing noises to see which one your baby responds to. Some common helpful sounds include: heartbeat recordings, white noise machines, the sound of ocean waves, gentle humming, and ssshhhing in your baby's ear.

2. Swaddle your sweetie. To a baby, swaddling feels like a cozy, cramped, comforting womb. Wrap your wee one snug enough so she can't wriggle free to flail and fuss.

3. Wash & rub. Who doesn’t get uncontrollably relaxed and sleepy after a warm bath and massage? Keep bath time simple without too much stimulation and choose body oils that are either unscented or lightly scented with calming essentials like lavender and gently clean your little one with a soothing baby wash.

4. Nurse & nestle. Cuddle up with your baby and breast-feed or bottle-feed until satiation leads to sleep. The warmth of a cozy cuddle combined with the comfort of a full tummy is a recipe for relaxation. And, it’s especially effective after a tubby and massage.

5. Be consistent. Whatever works for your baby, make it a habit. Doing the same things every night helps your baby know it’s sleepy time.

What tips do you have?

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