A Dream Come True: Introducing Honest Overnights!

A Dream Come True: Introducing Honest Overnights!

The wait is finally over, friends! Since launching The Honest Company nearly four years ago, we’ve received countless requests to create an Honest Overnight Diaper. Committed to our promise to provide safe, effective options for our community of Honest members, we hit the drawing board. Now, after years of development, we’re thrilled to announce that Honest Overnight Diapers are here and ready to be added to your next diaper bundle!

Honest Overnights

Designed to help your little ones sleep soundly through the night, Honest Overnights offer advanced leak protection and premium comfort. We made them super absorbent to keep your baby dry for up to 20% longer than our regular Honest diapers, while keeping them soft, safe, and  non-irritating for sensitive skin.

honest overnights

Compared to Honest Diapers

(Honest Tip: Extra protection means that, in a pinch, they’ll also help protect heavy wetters from daytime leaks, too!)

If they sleep, you sleep — it’s a dream come true.

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