Bubble Bath Fun Ideas That You and Your Baby Will Love

Bubble Bath Fun Ideas That You and Your Baby Will Love

Baby’s bathtime is no doubt an adorable moment, but if we’re being totally honest it can be a little tricky at the same time. Help your little one stay in the mood for some good clean fun by drawing a bath with plenty of bubble bath, playing their favorite tunes and bringing along toys. Here are our favorite bathtime accoutrements:

For Baby

Sweet Orange Vanilla Shampoo + Body Wash

Make bath time sweeter and even cleaner.

Soap Sox

Fun and functional, this plush toy doubles as a no-slip soap pocket.

Fragrance-Free Face + Body Lotion

Get your little one relaxed and ready to go to sleep with a soothing baby massage.

For You

Once they’re wound down and snug in bed, treat yourself to some relaxation. Make it possible (and a bit more luxurious) with these essentials:

Bath Caddy

Set up your book, baby monitor and maybe even a glass of wine.

Lavender Bubble Bath

The soothing scent will put you in a dreamy state of mind.

Soaking Salts

Detoxify with a this mineral-rich bath soak featuring pink Himalayan salt.

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