Dealing with Blowouts? One Surprising Reason for Diaper Leaks

Dealing with Blowouts? One Surprising Reason for Diaper Leaks

How to Prevent Diaper Blowouts

We’ve all been there: rushing out of the house, but somehow you’re tracking on time with everyone’s outfits looking on point — and suddenly poop is everywhere. Game over.

Diaper blowouts are 100% the grossest part about being a parent. But, did you know there is a pretty easy way to prevent them?

Is Your Diaper the Right Size?

If your diaper is leaking or blowing out, you might be blaming it on the size of your baby’s business, but in reality it's probably because they’ve outgrown their diaper. Knowing when to go up a size in diapers is the key to preventing diaper leaks.

The Right Size Diaper for Your Baby

So, how do you know when to change diaper sizes?

  • up to 10 lbs = a newborn diapers
  • 8 -14 lbs = size 1
  • 12-18 lbs = size 2
  • 16- 28 lbs = size 3
  • 22-37 lbs = size 4
  • 27+ lbs = size 5
  • 35+ lbs = size 6

How Should a Diaper Fit?

  • Your baby’s diaper should cover their entire bum — no cheek peeks.
  • The leg cuffs should be secure, but contoured and flexible enough for them to wiggle around in.
  • To reduce redness or chaffing around the tummy, make sure the elastic waistband is stretchy and lays snug, but is not so tight that it tugs at their skin.  

Diaper Weight Chart

Be prepared and ready to clean up a diaper blowout with our alcohol wipes or baby wipes! As your baby grows, use this Diaper Fit Chart as your one-stop guide to diaper sizing:

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