Diaper Bag Essentials: The Ultimate Checklist

Diaper Bag Essentials: The Ultimate Checklist

Your Diaper Bag Checklist

Whether you're a first-time mom or you're already chasing around toddlers, a baby diaper bag is a mom's best friend. But let's be honest, between diaper changes, feeding and all your other parenting duties, sometimes packing and organizing a diaper bag can seem daunting. That's why we've narrowed down a checklist of diaper bag essentials so you're ready to tackle anything that comes your way- from soiled diapers to snack time. This is really a situation where what’s on the inside counts. So, here are the essential things that every parent needs to pack:

✓ Diapers and Wipes

Ok, so this one's a no-brainer, but there's nothing worse than running out of clean diapers when baby is in need of a fresh diaper change. As a rule of thumb, you should plan to have 1-2 baby diapers for every hour you’ll be out. So, using that guide, stock your bag with your most-trusted, anti-blowout allies. For longer trips, we recommend packing a pair of overnight diapers. Also, don’t forget to pack diaper rash cream for your baby’s bum. You always need baby wipes — from cleaning up the aforementioned blowout to wiping whatever gunk ends up on baby’s face. Keep a travel-friendly pack in the diaper bag, always.

✓ Change of Clothes for Baby

Here's another one you won't want to leave the house without. Extra clothes are a must-have on your diaper bag checklist. There will come a time when that unexpected (yet totally expected) blow out happens. It will inevitably be at the worst possible time like on a 4 hour flight, when when you’re both wearing all white or baby’s first time down the playground slide. That’s when a change of clothes, maybe even two, will save your day.

✓ Burp Cloths

For everything from spit up to boogers, a clean burp cloth will be one of the items you reach for most in your diaper bag. Why not just use a towel or napkin? Well, burp clothes are made to be softer on baby’s little face.

✓ Portable Changing Pad

Aside from the fact that the changing table in a public bathroom is probably not a place you want to put your baby’s bare bum, a lot of restrooms don’t even have a changing table. A portable changing pad is going to save you from having to take off your shirt and use that instead.

Major hint: look for a diaper bag that comes with a removable changing pad.

✓ Hand Sanitizer

For messy moments and germy places, it’s always great to have for both you and baby. Our recommendation for on-the-go ease is to choose a hand sanitizer spray made from plant-derived ingredients so it’s gentle for mama, baby and toddler. Our alcohol wipes are also perfect for disinfecting areas you and your baby might come in contact with.

✓ Wet Bags

If you’re ever caught on diaper duty without a trash can nearby, you’ll definitely want a wet bag to stow disposable diapers and wipes. If you don't have a wet bag, a plastic bag would work, but we recommend at least trying to keep it eco-friendly with a bag that's reusable.

✓ Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rash doesn’t wait until you get home to strike. Make sure you can help soothe baby right away. Make sure to choose a diaper cream that's gentle on baby's sensitive skin.

✓ Pacifier

If you're a mama to a little one, make sure you have a pacifier on hands at all times. Trust us, you'll be glad you have this during baby’s unexpected meltdown. Pacifiers tend to collect gunk at the bottom of your bag, so make sure you're storing them in a separate bag or compartment to ensure sanitary when baby needs it.

✓ Baby Food or Snacks

Depending on the age of your children and how long you're planning to be out, you'll definitely want to be prepared for when hunger kicks in. If you're a mom to toddler(s) pack a healthy snack like fresh fruit or trail mix. Don't forget about yourself - throw in a granola bar just in case!

✓ Blanket

If you're a mom of a newborn, a swaddle blanket (or two) is an absolute must. If you have an older baby or a toddler, we still recommend keeping a blanket on hand in case there's an unexpected change of weather or you need a make-shift changing pad.

The Best Kind of Diaper Bag

Since you’ll have this bag on you pretty much all the time, we love a stylish diaper bag. Black faux leather? Yes. Gold hardware? Yes. All the pockets? Absolutely. Diaper bag totes and backpacks made just for you? Of course. Bonus points if you can find a diaper bag that works for dad too. Since unpacking and repacking to switch bags is a major hassle.

We aim to provide you with the most honest and credible information possible. This article was reviewed for accuracy by The Honest Team and was written based on trusted sources that are linked at the bottom of the article.

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