Hilarious Diaper Stories: 6 Fails You Can Avoid

Hilarious Diaper Stories: 6 Fails You Can Avoid

Diaper Duty Disasters

Parenting is a beautiful thing... but a lot of the time it leaves you down in the dumps, literally.

To help you laugh at your pain and learn from other parents’ fails, we put together some of our dirtiest diaper duty stories — because we’re all in this together, right?

You Never Forget Your First

“When I was a first-time mom, I was on my way to a mommy and me class (which was already daunting since getting out of the house was hard enough).

When I finally get to the class and go to pull the baby out of the car seat, she had not only blown out of her diaper, but it was ALL OVER the car.

The mommy and me instructor looked at me in shock and asked how she could help. I could already see it in her eyes, but she told me it was the worst blowout she had ever seen.

The poop was EVERYWHERE. It was up her front, up her back and all over the car seat — I wouldn’t be surprised if there was even some on the roof of the car.

I was so embarrassed and sad and felt like an unsuccessful first-time mom, but was thankful for the group around me who gathered together to clean up my baby girl and her surroundings. Nothing bonds a group of mommies like a bad blowout.”

— Jessica T., Mom of 2

The Sh*tty Work Day

“Probably the worst was when my baby had a massive blowout right before I was leaving for work: poop all up his back into his hair, leaking out the sides of the diaper so he needed a bath and I needed to change my shirt.

Didn't realize until halfway through my workday that I had a stream of poop down my pant leg that I had missed in all the madness.”

— Erin T., Mom of 3

Gee Wizz

“When we had our first son, my wife and I were totally clueless!  We spent 30 minutes pondering whether or not we had him in the car seat properly at the hospital.

For the first couple of months, he kept having pee leaks around his stomach. It wasn't all the time, but enough that we were wondering why.

We brought it up to the pediatrician, and she asked if we “point it down.”  We both looked at each other and wondered what she meant...when suddenly it clicked, for me at least, to point my little guy's little guy down!  

Seemed such an obvious conclusion (after we were told), and since babies (or diapers for that matter) don't come with those types of instruction manuals, I always tell first time parents of boys to point that thing down!

— Michael G., Dad of 2

The Fountain of Youth

“The most hilarious diaper fail whenever our little guy pees all over the wall or, sadly enough, on his own face! It's hard not to freak out in the moment, but I always end up laughing later. This is our life now, we have to embrace all of the funny moments!”

—Rebecca D., Mom of 1

Old Faithful

“The good ole water fountain!  Since I had a boy right out the gate, and then 2 more boys, I have known all too well that changing the diaper can be a danger zone if you are not careful and quick!  

Each boy has had multiple times — especially when it's cold — when their little guys would know exactly when the diaper wasn't there and choose that specific moment to begin releasing.

It must be some kind of prank to them — they would always giggle as pee splattered everywhere. But, as the parent, you know that you needed to leave the house 10 minutes ago, and have no time to clean and do a wardrobe change (that already took you 15 minutes to find the matching tiny socks the first time)!

I learned early on that rushing the preparation of the diaper change is a foolish mistake.  Always have the next diaper undone and ready to put on the little one. As soon as that soiled diaper is off, you better have the new diaper or a wipe ready to cover up.

Also, as time goes on you will know the face the baby makes right before they release.  STUDY THIS FACE, KNOW THIS FACE! You have a split second of what could be a matter of life or death...well maybe not that dramatic, more like a contained disaster or a literal storm!”

— Michael J., Dad of 3

How to Avoid Leaks, Blowouts and Other Diaper Disasters

If you’re reading this as a new parent, just know… it’s going to happen to you at one point. (All the parents’ of 3 out there are now nodding their heads yes).

But, there are 3 things you can do to either prevent or prepare for the inevitable:

  1. Learn from other parents’ fails and mentally prepare
  2. Get a diaper that fits well and absorbs. Try overnight diapers for extra leak protection.  
  3. Have the right supplies: hand sanitizer, baby wipes, burp cloths (not your cute matching ones; the kind that you are fine with tossing after) and an extra change of baby clothes.

We aim to provide you with the most honest and credible information possible. This article was reviewed for accuracy by The Honest Team and was written based on trusted sources that are linked at the bottom of the article.

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