Holiday Traveling Tips With Your Baby

Holiday Traveling Tips With Your Baby

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Holiday travel is upon us and, as most new parents know, the game totally changes when you have a baby on board. For the most part, gone are the days when you could just throw a few things in a bag and hop on the plane. To help you stress less, we’ve compiled some of our favorite, parent-approved tips and tricks to help get you and your baby to your destination this holiday season. The better prepared you are, the more enjoyable your travel and trip will be!

10 Tips for Holiday Travel with a Baby

  1. Make a list. (And check it twice!) Compiling a list of what you need will help you get organized and make sure you’re prepared and armed with everything you might need. Try your best to pare it down to just the necessities, like opting for travel size toiletries instead of full sizes.
  2. Pack extra diapers. As a quick rule of thumb, pack one diaper for every hour of travel, plus a few extra in case of flight delays.  
  3. Stash wipes. Baby Wipes + Alcohol Wipes are your best friend when traveling. are your best friend when traveling. Baby Wipes are essential for Diaper Duty and messy faces, and our new 65% Alcohol Wipes are perfect for wiping down the plane seat and tray table, cleaning yourself up in the event of any accidents, washing off sticky hands and more.
  4. Bring blankets. Pack more than one as airplanes tend to get chilly and you’ll want to snuggle with your little one. A super helpful tip is to bring a Quilted Blanket that has a pattern on one side. Use the patterned side specifically for laying down to change your baby, and you’ll easily remember which side of the blanket touched the ground. 
  5. Check luggage. If you’re planning to check your bag, check two and put some of your baby clothing in both suitcases so in the rare circumstance that a bag gets lost you at least have enough to get by.
  6. Feed during takeoff and landing. To help with any ear pressure during takeoff and landing, try breastfeeding or giving your baby a bottle of formula. Even sucking on a pacifier will help keep baby calm.
  7. Time your flight right. Try to schedule travel during regular nap times or bedtime. A sleeping baby is a happy baby!
  8. Book near the back. Sitting at the back of the plane means you’ll be closer to the bathroom for diaper changes. You’ll also be nearer to the flight crew, in case you end up needing any assistance mid-flight.
  9. Travel hands-free. Bring a baby carrier or sling to help free up your hands for necessary airport and plane tasks. It will keep your infant close to you during the flight which can help keep baby calm.  
  10. Relax. Try not to stress out about your baby crying. Your baby is literally like an emotional sponge and will likely pick up on your cues, so by keeping calm, your baby is more likely to stay mellow too. And when all else fails, just remember – you will probably never see these people again! What happens in flight, stays in flight!



For more information about flying safely with your baby, check out the FAA's website.  We’ve also got some helpful tips for flying with kids of all ages. Happy travels!

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