Three New & Improved Personal Care Products

Three New & Improved Personal Care Products

Since Honest’s launch, we’ve always worked to build a nimble company—one that can quickly respond to customer feedback and deliver the new-and-improved products you ask for and need. We’ve had the pleasure of making our Wipes, Sunscreen, and Shampoo + Body Wash better for you. And now we’re excited to announce that we’ve also improved our Body Oil, Healing Balm, and Face + Body Lotion.

Three New & Improved Personal Care Products

Body Oil

Last week, we introduced reformulated Body Oil that is incredibly similar to the original. It still has the same great organic sunflower, olive, tamanu and coconut oils, but we’ve added avocado and jojoba oils for extra nourishment. We’ve also included organic chamomile and calendula to calm, soothe, and protect extra-sensitive skin. And, of course, the Body Oil still makes an ideal addition for baby massage.

Healing Balm

Within the next week, keep a look out for our new-and-improved Healing Balm. It’s certified USDA organic and made with the same great castor, sunflower, coconut, and tamanu oils. And—even better—we’ve packed it with more organic oils, butters, and extracts for nourishment and skin health. Shea butter, olive oil, and avocado oil provide your skin with better hydration, while carrot root extract adds antioxidants. Chamomile and calendula (surefire winners in our other products!) gently calm and soothe irritated skin, and lavender aids in relaxation. This blend of organic botanicals creates a light, pleasant scent. The new Healing Balm remains versatile as ever and is perfect for treating diaper rash, irritated skin, eczema, minor cuts and scrapes, and much more.

Face + Body Lotion

Coming later this month, we’re happy to delight you with more Face + Body Lotion. Not only are we giving you 25% more (for the same price), but we also enhanced the formula. We kept the lotion’s lightweight feel while enriching it with extra emollients and moisturizers that leave your skin silky smooth. It will be richer, thicker, and more luxurious than ever before! We also listened to your overwhelming feedback about the rosewater scent and removed it from our new version. Now, we’ve added more soothing chamomile and olive oils for rich hydration without weighing it down. Our Face + Body Lotion is great for all skin types and the improved scent and performance makes it even better for the whole family.

Please e-mail or call us anytime if you have any comments, questions, or ideas. We truly hope you enjoy these new-and-improved products as much as we do.

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