What Diapers Will the Royal Baby Wear? Here’s Our Predictions

What Diapers Will the Royal Baby Wear? Here’s Our Predictions

With the royal baby due any day now, we’re all caught up in the buzz around names, due dates, the gender reveal and, of course, the most important question: what diapers will the royal baby wear? So, we put together our predictions for the Honest prints Meghan and Harry would pick for the Queen's soon-to-be fourth grandchild and how to style them in royal fashion.

For a Mini Duchess

Possibly the most classic of all our classic prints, our roses diaper is a clear choice for a royal daughter. We love pairing this print with a pop of yellow and our complementary butterfly baby bib.

  1. Roses Diaper
  2. Sweet Thing Bib
  3. Janie & Jack Cardigan

For a Mini Duke

We picture Meghan paying homage to Queen Elizabeth’s famous British Royal Train with our railroad-inspired diaper. Style it with a classic, industrial-chic chambray oxford and our seersucker magnetic baby bib.

  1. Trains Diaper
  2. Boo Bear Bib
  3. Monica + Andy Shirt

The Gender Neutral Baby Look

It’s been reported that Meghan Markle is looking to avoid gender stereotypes when raising her baby. We’re all for a chic gender neutral look — to pull it off, we love mixing blue and pink shades and unbiased silhouettes.

  1. Teal Tribal Diaper
  2. Teal Tribal Bib
  3. Janie & Jack Poplin Shirt

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