Let’s Practice Mindfulness Together!

Let’s Practice Mindfulness Together!

Here at Honest, we’re all about setting intentions for each day with positive feelings and uplifting moods. As you and your baby go about your daily routines, let our newest diaper prints add some extra inspo to your day with cheerful, green vibes and feel-good moments! Cultivate a lil’ soothing greenery with our C Is for Cactus diaper print that spells out c-u-t-e-n-e-s-s for you and your lil’ one. Or, treat your sweet babe to some new friendly faces with our Plant Pose diaper print, featuring our new Honest Plant Pals and their fave meditation + calming yoga moves. You can rest assured knowing your Honest diapers feature the high qualities you expect, like leak + blowout protection, a wetness indicator, and a super-comfy fit. Plus, Honest’s clean-conscious diapers are made without latex, fragrances, parabens or chlorine processing.

We think the Honest Plant Pals have the right idea! Incorporating a bit of nature (like fresh house plants + gardening) and mindful moments into your regular routine can help improve your mood and energy throughout the day. The same goes for adults and kids alike! That’s why we partnered with Encantos—the storyteaching app kids love!—to create this adorable, super-fun video on our favorite breathing exercises + daily mindfulness practices that both you and babe will enjoy.


If you loved these mindfulness moments with our Honest Plant Pals and Wally, check out even more fun, engaging activities and healthy habits with the Encantos app! Available in the App store, it’s free and filled with tons of educational and fun storyworlds, like Wally the Worried Walrus, for your little ones to explore.

We hope you and your fam keep harvesting good vibes + intentions into your everyday, and celebrate conscious growth + living together!

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