Jessica’s Secret to Getting a Summer Glow (Sans the Sun Damage)

Jessica’s Secret to Getting a Summer Glow (Sans the Sun Damage)

Tanning may be a thing of the past (hello, SPF 50 everywhere), but having a summer glow will never go out of style. To help you stay summer ready — sans the sun damage — our very own healthy glow pro Jessica Alba gave us her 3-step routine for a sunless, sun-kissed look.


Step 1:

Everything Primer - Glow


Start your routine by blending a dime size of this sheer golden primer all over your face.



Step 2:

Magic Balm


Dab a bit of balm around your eyes and on your lips for a dewy shimmer effect. Make sure to re-apply whenever you need a touchup.



Step 3:

Luminizing Powder


Apply in sweeping strokes anywhere the sun’s rays would naturally fall on you — like your nose, cheekbones and collar bones.



Step 4:

Tinted Lip Balm


Add a splash of color to complete your summer look.


Tinted Lip Balm


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