An Honest New Year: 5 Old Resolutions Made New!

An Honest New Year: 5 Old Resolutions Made New!

The New Year is here! For many of us this means it’s time to draft our well thought-out resolutions, hoping that they make it beyond the first month. Instead of setting yourself up for compromise or failure, join us in trying things a little bit differently this year.

Here at Honest, we believe that honesty is the best policy. This includes being honest with yourself: being realistic, managing expectations, and creating viable goals. We’re not aiming to reinvent the wheel here, just presenting some minor adjustments that will make the whole process of “resolving” much more worthwhile and sustainable. We hope you find that making resolutions that work for you—well—works!

Below, we’ve outlined the 5 most common New Year’s resolutions and how to make them stick. Get inspired, then let us know how it goes!

1. Diet

Healthy eating habits are important for nearly every aspect of your life. It’s simple — when you eat better, you feel better, which means you are more likely to perform better as a parent, employee, or partner.

Old Resolution: Cutting out junk food or eating more veggies.

New Resolution: Cook more! That’s it: no black and white, no strict diets (and nothing to cheat on). When you make your own meals, not only do you know exactly what is going into your body, but you have full control over proper portioning.

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Invite friends over for weekly dinners or try to get the kids in the kitchen more often. Making meals with loved ones is a bonding experience and a chance to learn about different types of cuisine. If you have children, you’ll be priming them for healthy eating habits which they’re likely to carry with them for life.

Think of it as a creative opportunity, too. While you’re surfing your favorite sites, check out Pinterest for inspiration and get to cooking! Your waistline (and your wallet) will thank you.

2. Exercise

It’s no wonder that gym membership sales spike in January. Most of us want to feel more fit and we imagine the commitment will keep us faithful. But does this ever actually work? (The answer is no: Gyms make more money from those who don’t go than those who do!) Before you go breaking the bank on that fancy new athletic club, think about ways you can adjust your current lifestyle to get more physical.

Old Resolution: Become a workout fanatic.

New Resolution: Become more fitness-friendly! Like proper nutrition, staying fit provides benefits beyond the visible to change your energy level and attitude. One reason for the popularity of wearable fitness trackers is that they keep you motivated. How? By finding opportunities for fitness in your busy day-to-day and keeping you informed, you can take daily steps towards improvement and embrace progress over being pumped-up. Honest employees especially enjoy fitness technology by Fitbit, Jawbone, and Misfit, but take a look and see which is most suitable for your own lifestyle.

Speaking of the Honest family, sometimes it takes a team to stay on track, so get together with co-workers or your family and challenge each other. Hold each other accountable, make it a competition, have prizes for progress--whatever it takes to keep you moving (and have some fun along the way)! You can find creative ways to hack your standard routine and stay winning, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or working out during your lunch break.

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Looking for a quick and easy way to get your blood flowing in your own home? Check out fitness tutorials on YouTube to get yourself familiar with a new program or excited about picking one back up. If you want the Honest approach, try taking some time to Pause & Pose with our resident yogi Jessie James, learn a new yoga pose each week, and discover the mind and body benefits. (Of course, always consult a medical professional to ensure any exercise routines are appropriate for you.)

3. Health

We’re not going to lie — a new year is the best time to press reset and take charge of your health. Rather than making a vague commitment or drastic changes, just trying little things to boost your overall state of well-being and transform your outlook.

Old Resolution: Be healthy.

New Resolution: Start healthy habits! Remember, habits can be a good thing and routine is the best way to ensure results. Just pick one each month and follow it through for 30 days to see what happens.


Once you’ve made some changes like the above, make it a habit to see a medical professional and keep your appointments! Maintaining proper health isn’t a solo project and it will work wonders on your happiness for a positive 2015.

4. Travel

When we’re young, we dream of traveling the world. Then we get older happens! We have jobs, kids, and bills; all of sudden our priorities shift and traveling becomes less practical. Travel is an important source of education and creativity, so don’t let the dream die-- you just have to expand your definition of travel!

Old Resolution: Travel more.

New Resolution: Explore new worlds, any way--and anywhere--you can!

Choose somewhere you’d like to go, whether that’s a country, a continent, a climate, or even another historical era. Then, get out your library card, fire up your e-reader, or fill that online shopping cart with the best books you can read about it. The best writing will transport you completely, even if you’re just reading in bed under the covers, and there’s lots of great resources online with book lists to be your travel guide. Your imagination requires no passport renewal, no packing, and no long lines! You’ll feel inspired and informed, so that when you do get a chance to go you’ll be ready to make the most of it. (And, if you’re resolving to read more this year, you can fulfill two resolutions in one!)

Try a “staycation” — get the kids together and have a backyard campout, take a day trip to a park you’ve never been to, check into a local Airbnb and do a cultural activity you’ve never done before. You’ll be amazed at all the places you haven’t been to, right in your own hometown, and you’ll see that it’s all about perspective.

An Honest New Year

5. Money

Saving money is a never-ending challenge. We often get overwhelmed by the numbers and forget that money means even more than dollars and cents--it’s also about developing healthier habits that inspire us to approach our finances differently.

Old Resolution: Save more money.

New Resolution: Spend (and save) more sustainably! You may have an easier time keeping your finances in check if you think of more tangible ways of taking account of your spending.

Take steps to green your home and reduce energy usage. Even if your wallet doesn’t feel different, you’ll see the changes in your monthly bills and those definitely add up.

Host a clothing swap with your friends and revamp your wardrobe without spending a cent. When the urge to shop strikes, invest in classics that can transition through the seasons. Hand-me-downs aren’t just for kids--when you make more with less, your whole family will be inspired.

Resolutions are not meant to be a chore, they’re a chance to reflect. At Honest, we’re working every day to give you safe, effective, accessible, and stylish products so that you have one less thing to worry about--use that time to enjoy what you have and improve on what you can. You’ve got one life to live, just take a few small steps each of the next 365 days to make it better!


Happy Honest New Year!

What are your resolutions this year? It’s your turn to inspire US by sharing in the comments section below!

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