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Enjoy the convenience of our whole-food based & ultra-pure vitamins & supplements. Select 2 vitamins and mix and match each month. Just what you need for a happy, healthy family!

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1 Select Our Health & Wellness Bundle

A full one-month supply of organic, enriching, and whole food supplements for your entire family!

Choose 2 items and save up to 40% when you Bundle & Save!
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Save up to 40%
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  • Save up to 40% when you purchase a monthly bundle versus buying items separately.
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Certified B-Corp Organic and Non-GMO certification in process.
medical advisors
  • Photo_cara_sm

    I believe in keeping my own kids and everyone else's kids safe and healthy, and that's why I am such a fan of the Honest Company.

    Cara Natterson Pediatrician
  • Photo_larry_sm

    High quality, whole food-based nutrition is one of the key ingredients to optimal health for all of us, from infancy to adulthood.

    Larry Rosen Pediatrician
  • Photo_debbie_sm

    As a midwife, I look forward to being able to also recommend Honest Health & Wellness as better, safer supplements. Pregnant women and those precious babies deserve the very best!

    Deborah Frank Nurse/Midwife
honest testimonials…
So very excited to receive my Health and Wellness Bundle that will be shipping out tomorrow. Very pleased with all my trial products and now a subscriber of all 3 bundles, but especially excited for my Health and Wellness Bundle. During my pregnancy (I am now 35 weeks) I was unable to take regular prenatals due to them making me extremely ill to the point I was loosing too much weight. Thank you for making a Prenatal that I can hold down and not even become the slightest bit nauseated. Even though I didn't find you until later on they will be helpful in my last month of pregnancy as well as nice to take while breast feeding. Thank you Honest Company
Kayla D. saskatchewan
I just wanted to thank The Honest Company for all you do. We started getting your products 2 years ago this June and have never looked back! We now get the diaper, essentials and wellness bundles. My son was born with sensitive skin and your products have helped immensely. We recently found out he is anemic and your toddler vitamins have helped his iron more than over the counter products! Because of this, we gave an empty box to our pediatrician to use as a recommendation for other patients. Thank you again and keep up the good work! I wish we lived closer to California (we are in Florida) so we could say thank you in person for creating household and baby supplies I don't have to worry about being harmful to my family.
Amanda M. florida
I am very excited about the Prenatals! I have been looking for a good prenatal, and I have yet to find one that has everything I need in "whole food" form, gentle on the stomach, and with enough iron. These met all my needs! I am very impressed with The Honest Company! I knew about it, but never really "shopped" so thank you for bringing me to your company! I am so impressed. It has everything I believe in and I look for in baby products, cleaning supplies, vitamins…you name it. And, its affordable!
Heather M. california
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