Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone

Feb 4, 2021
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone

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Looking for good Valentine’s Day gifts for a special person, or persons? Shopping doesn’t have to be difficult, at least not today in the age of the internet. Amazing gifts for just about any occasion are but a click or three away. We decided to help you out though and give you a short list of ideas. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Moms

For moms, especially new moms, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to make her feel as loved as she makes everyone else feel. A good rule of thumb when choosing a thoughtful gift is to remember that your goal is to make her feel happy and loved. That doesn’t mean it has to be super fancy. 

For instance, you can gift her a few extra hours of sleep, a home cooked meal, a clean house, or even something you know she secretly wants but would never ask for. 

Some good Valentine’s Day gift ideas for new moms include:

  • Cute, Comfy Pajama Sets-you get a bonus if it’s a matching set for you, her, and the baby!
  • Practical, Sexy Sleepwear-it’s a fine line you skate with this one, but try to find her something that is practical enough for breastfeeding, yet stylish enough to make her feel good about herself. 
  • Sunglasses-is there anything a sassy pair of sunnies can’t fix? Pro tip: they are excellent at hiding dark circles from lack of sleep. 
  • Baby and Mama Care Sets-talk about a perfect gift for new mamas on Valentine’s Day. Check out our very own cute and colorful Valentine-themed diapers and gift sets
  • Skin and Hair Products-you already know how much pregnancy changes the skin. That means gifting a skincare set to a new mom can be a great idea. Useful hair tools, like a hair-straightening brush to set her hair quickly and easily would not be remiss either! 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dads 

There’s no denying that life is just different once you become a father. In the spirit of a new life, some fatherly gifts for Valentine’s Day are: 

  • Weighted Sleep Mask-c’mon now, everyone knows that sleep is one of the first things that gets negatively affected after a baby. Anything that helps new parents-yes, dads too-sleep comfortably is a perfect gift. 
  • Portable Exercise Kit-especially during the current pandemic, it may not be feasible to go to the gym, or you might not be able to go because of the baby. Whatever the reason, an at-home exercise kit that he can take anywhere is a great gift for dads to help them stay fit and active, even while stuck at home. 
  • Multi-Tool Device-many dads are jacks of all trades. They know how to fix nearly anything but to do it, they need trusty tools. When there’s no tool box in sight, why not gift him with a multi-tool device he can take anywhere? That puts him in the perfect position to fix just about anything. Perhaps a good time to also bust out that honey-do list? 
  • Beard / Skin Care Set-guys gotta groom too! Give your dad a chance to pamper himself by gifting him a luxurious beard care kit replete with trimming tools and massaging oils. If he’s not really a beard guy, you can give him a skincare set instead to infuse his skin some much-needed TLC. He might make a face but he will love how it feels. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husbands

Sometimes giving a Valentine’s Day gift to your husband feels harder than in the days you simply used to date! Now you know all of their likes and dislikes which can be both a blessing and a curse, especially if they are of the picky persuasion. A few Valentine's Day gift ideas you might try include:

  • Wrist Watch-a classic gift, a wrist watch can be perfect for any occasion and is well-loved by people of all ages. If he’s tech savvy, opt for a smart watch, or if he’s more traditional, give him something that looks and works a little more old school. 
  • Customized Wallet-a personalized gift is the best kind of gift. Get your hubby’s name, along with the date and year engraved on the wallet for a long-lasting emblem of all your time spent loving each other.
  • Hobby-Related Gift-if he has any hobbies, gift him something he can use to make his hobby more enjoyable. It can be gardening tools for a gardener, an electric grill for the avid BBQ fan, a hand-stamped guitar pick for a guitarist... you get the picture!  
  • Quality Time-the most precious gift in life is the gift of time. Spend some quality time with your significant other taking a stroll down memory lane. Go for a romantic dinner at the restaurant where you had your first date, and recreate the magic of those first whirlwind days. Or you could plan a spa and massage day together or a weekend getaway to catch up on some alone time with each other. If you are going to celebrate with a romantic date night, be sure to check out our valentine's day makeup ideas.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wives

As with husbands, there are many options when it comes to buying a Valentine’s gift for your wife. Always keep in mind her likes and dislikes while shopping and spoil her with something you know she loves dearly but would probably never get or do for herself. A few ideas are:

  • Custom Jewelry-a most well-loved gift by women, custom jewelry takes jewelry one step further and gives it a personalized touch. Engrave it with your initials, a phrase, or a word that means something to you both, or a special date. Something that’s meaningful to you both. You could even make it a couple’s jewelry set if you wanted something you could both wear. 
  • Purse / Bag / Shoes-if you already know she’s been secretly eyeing a fancy purse or bag, or an expensive pair of shoes, why not buy that as a Valentine’s gift? Not only will she be thrilled to get something she really wanted, she will also be thrilled to know how closely you pay attention to her. 
  • Spa Kit / Skincare Kit-make it a relaxing day for her and book a spa appointment. Better yet, gift her a spa kit and do it together at home. You could also give her a skincare set or kit so she can pamper herself long after Valentine’s Day.
  • Quality Time- as we said, nothing can replace the gift of time. A woman will love it if you take the reins and plan something special for the two of you to spend alone time together. It could be dinner and a romantic walk on the beach, a day spent exploring a new location, or an exhilarating experience you’ve both been wanting to try, like skydiving. The point is the gift of your time and attention, so make sure she feels wholly loved and cared for whatever you do together. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend / Girlfriend

When you’re dating, there are many stages that you pass through. There’s the getting-to-know-you phase, the getting-serious phase, the committed-phase... and probably a phase or two in between we’ve missed. How you plan your Valentine’s Day should depend on where you’re at in your relationship. Below are some great ideas to help you spread love whatever stage of relationship you’re in.

  • Camping Trip-camping is a fun way to spend some time alone, get to know each other better, and enjoy the thrill of adventure at the same time. It can be a great bonding experience, especially if it’s hard core camping that requires a bit of roughing it. No “Glamping!” 
  • Do an Activity-obviously you’d want to choose one you both enjoy. Maybe it’s a hot air balloon ride, maybe it’s a truck-bed picnic date to watch the stars. You could take a long drive somewhere they love to drive through, or hit up a rowdy concert together. Think fun, romantic, nothing with too much pressure.  
  • Write in a Couple’s Journal Together-this is a great idea for couples that are on the verge of making a serious, long-term commitment. You can buy a couple’s journal and fill out all the important phases of your relationship together over a nice bottle of wine and sweet treats like chocolate covered strawberries and candy.

No matter the nature of your relationship, there are gifts that suit almost anyone. Yes, even last minute Valentine’s Day gifts! Some great ideas at the last minute might be decadent chocolates and a bouquet of red roses for your sweetheart, or gourmet chocolate and coffee for moms and dads! 

Really, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated. It sounds cliche but most of the time, it really is the thought and love that counts. Put some effort and thought into your gifts and whoever you give it to is sure to feel the love.

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