Our Goal is to Make Every Day Earth Day

Our Goal is to Make Every Day Earth Day

Earth Day

Our goal is to make every day Earth Day at Honest. Today and beyond, we are committed to health, sustainability, and creating a better world for generations to come. Since the very beginning when our company was merely a dream, we knew we wanted to do things differently by building a brand dedicated to positively changing the way businesses make impactful decisions related to environmental protection and mindful workplace practices.

To safeguard the planet and those little ones who will inherit it, we always work to improve our product, packaging, and process being a responsible company. Learn more about our health & sustainability standards and the “3 Ps” here:


We love plants and all things living. We design to maximize their usage in our products and actively focus on minimizing the presence of petroleum in our products and packaging. One day (in the near future) we'll be 100% plant-based and sustainably sourced, inside and out. At Honest, we:

  • Source natural, organic, sustainably harvested, renewable, pure raw materials for our products;
  • Track all the materials, ingredients, and packaging used in our products to help us report on and understand trends in our cradle-to-grave impact; and
  • Ensure product (and packaging) are “Honestly Free” of toxins and questionable ingredients.


We believe if you can make an amazing product, including it’s packaging, without harming people or the planet—it is your responsibility to do so. We are always seeking innovation solutions to protect natural resources by minimizing waste and maximizing use/re-use in our packaging. At Honest, we:

  • Commit to dramatically reducing petroleum-based plastic (virgin) in our packaging;
  • Use the highest percentage available of post-consumer resin (PCR) bottles;
  • Use 100% renewable and/or recycled materials in all products, packaging, shipping materials, and office materials; and
  • Use re-usable packaging, higher post-consumer recycled or FSC-certified materials, shipping material, & fully biodegradable pillow pack materials.


We know a sustainable product isn't only what's inside or how it's wrapped. Rather, it includes how it's manufactured, employee work environments, fair trade and sourcing, waste management, energy usage, and much more. At Honest, we:

  • Ensure all electricity used in our headquarters and warehousing is from 100% renewable sources, reducing dependency on conventional fossil fuel energy sources;
  • Purchase 100% RECs for operating our business operations, manufacturing, product shipping, and corporate travel at year end;
  • Use natural daylight, energy efficient lighting, electric forklifts, and full recycling programs for all corrugate shipping boxes at our warehouse;
  • Work with partners who abide by our Supplier's Code of Conduct that addresses three major areas: human rights, environment, and documentation;
  • Renovate office space with low-impact, non-toxic, and sustainable materials from furnishings and water filtration, to interior lighting, no-VOC paints, and beyond;
  • Partner with the most credible suppliers and raw materials manufacturers who are geographically located as close to our operational headquarters as possible (micro is the new macro!);
  • Choose ground shipping whenever possible, as expedited air freight generally uses six times more energy than ground shipping (we offer air shipping, despite its high environmental impact, as we understand the need for customer satisfaction and convenience as one of our important business promises); and
  • Seek formal certifications, acknowledgements, and associations, including:

    • PETA: Cruelty Free & Vegan;
    • Renewable Energy Credits; and
    • B Corps Certification.

We believe our sustainability efforts are a work in progress, as they are a first step in our journey to create products that are as non-toxic and healthy as possible. As Honest continues to grow, we’re excited to continually improve upon these solutions and implement new and innovative responsible practices. We’d love to hear your ideas for sustainability and reducing our collective impact, too—together, we can make it better.

We aim to provide you with the most honest and credible information possible. This article was reviewed for accuracy by The Honest Team and was written based on trusted sources that are linked at the bottom of the article.