Why Ayesha Curry Swears By Honest Soothing Therapy for Eczema

Why Ayesha Curry Swears By Honest Soothing Therapy for Eczema

Our longtime friend and Honest Ambassador Ayesha Curry spent her childhood struggling with eczema and, being the amazing mama that she is, she’s tried everything under the sun to prevent her son from dealing with the same issues. We were so excited to hear that after trying our new Soothing Therapy eczema body wash and Balm line she said this:

"The only thing I could find that worked for his skin was the Honest Soothing Therapy line. It works so well. Honestly it gives him instant relief from the itch. It protects his skin so much."

Our #1 priority is human health and our mission is to empower people to live happy healthy lives, so we are beyond happy that we are now able to provide families like hers (and yours!) with a solution to eczema that doesn’t involve turning to steroids. 

Hear more from Ayesha about why she feels like she’s finally found what she’s been looking for when it comes to helping her son with his eczema-prone skin in the video below:


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