Baby Shower Gift Ideas that Moms Actually Need

May 21, 2020
Baby Shower Gift Ideas that Moms Actually Need

Baby showers are the perfect opportunity to, well, shower expecting moms-to-be with baby gifts and important items she will need for a new baby. Granted, it could be argued that a baby doesn’t really need all those cute outfits, but… they’re so darn cute!

Besides, who says a well-dressed child isn’t important? Leave it to grandma and that baby will be the most well-dressed baby on the block! However, not everyone can afford to splurge on gifts and baby clothes or want to stick to a budget when purchasing items. From diaper cakes to baby equipment, here’s a short list of some of our best baby gift ideas.

Try a Gift Card

For many parents-to-be, the best baby shower gifts are the ones that allow them to make their own choices. After all, the more people coming to the baby shower, the higher the likelihood of two people arriving with similar gifts. Not that it’s a bad thing - more diapers anyone? But it can be inconvenient if two people bring breast pumps. Then the new parent will have to worry about returning the item and exchanging it for something else.

It's even better if a few friends decide to buy their gift cards for the same store. This can allow the new parents to potentially purchase a higher ticket item they really need, without having to spend too much out of pocket on the difference.

Not to mention, gift cards are usually valid for a while, so new parents can use it for certain baby gear they didn't initially know they would need and didn't have on their baby shower registry.

Moral of the story? If you run out of ideas for the perfect gift, leave it to little mama to decide.

Diaper Bags

This one is a no-brainer but nailing it can be tough! Think about all of the new items new parents now need to carry - diapers, wipes, creams, snacks, bibs, towels, bottles… the list goes on. The goal is to find a bag that can carry it all without being too much of a hassle to carry around. 

Honest has a few great options that are not only super functional but also so cute that you might not even realize it was a diaper bag! Our Cross-Country Diaper Bag and vegan leather diaper bag tote are the most versatile of them all. With wipeable lining for easy cleaning, stylish structured design in black or cognac, insulated pockets for snacks or bottles, plenty of interior and exterior pockets, removable changing pad with zip pocket for wipes, and a convertible crossbody strap - this bag is a winner! 


Diapers may sound a bit boring but there’s no denying how much those diapers will be needed as the little bundle of joy is born and your baby grows. New moms and dads will be thrilled to save money on diapers, especially on those inevitable days where dad forgets to pick more up on the way home. It's also one of the few baby essentials welcome in multiples, so it doesn't matter if several people bring them to the baby shower. Trust us, they will all get used! 

Just don’t skimp on quality. If the only thing you plan on buying is diapers, make ‘em the good kind!. Honest Wipes are 100% plant based and made with over 99% water. Our eco-friendly diapers offer advanced leak protection, cloud-like comfort and stylish prints that keep your baby dry, comfy, and happy on life's daily adventures.

If you want to take this gift to the next level, get them a diaper cake! Our super cute and custom-made diaper cakes come with all the baby-essentials and make for a beautiful centerpiece! We’ve got a mini size too, if you’re working with a tighter budget!

A Nursing Hoodie

If the expecting mother intends to breastfeed, practical clothing is, well, practical. Instead of having to work through layers of clothes to feed her new-born, why not give her a nursing hoodie? It allows her to simply clip off one panel for easy feeding access. And there are so many different super soft styles and variations now, you’re sure to find something cute that mama will love.

A Breast Pump

Many moms-to-be would like to breastfeed, but they are afraid of having to suffer from overly sensitive breasts, full of milk with no baby in sight. A breast pump makes it easier on mom, allowing her to pump while on the go, and then store the milk for later use, or bottle feedings with dad.

A mother’s milk is so beneficial to a newborn, and a breast pump can help make the whole process easier. Not to mention, the more a new mom expresses milk, the more milk supply she produces, so a breast pump may help increase supply if she feels like she’s not making enough to satisfy the little one.

A Baby Movement Monitor

Using a baby monitor is one thing and it’s very common. But it only allows you to know when your baby is awake and when your baby needs something. How do you know if something is wrong? 

Enter the baby movement monitor. This gadget clips onto the baby’s diaper and monitors abdominal movement. Basically, it tracks breathing patterns. A typical baby movement monitor will check every five seconds or so. If it doesn't detect any movement, it will first create a slight vibration, which—in most cases—is enough to trigger normal breathing again.

If not, the baby movement monitor will— after fifteen seconds of no detectable abdominal movement—sound an alarm and alert you of the situation.

Many parents-to-be experience anxiety around things like crib death or fear their babies will stop breathing while they sleep. That makes this a great device to help put a new mama’s mind at ease. Hands down, we call this one of the best baby gift ideas for a new parent that tends to feel anxious and worried.

Digital Thermometer

Barely a few decades ago, taking a baby's temperature was a bit of a guessing game. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Nowadays, digital thermometers are commonplace. Even better, they can read temperatures by simply being placed against the forehead or behind the ear of an infant. Pretty cool, right?

That means there’s no intrusion when taking the little one’s temperature. It’s so easy, you can check the temp of a sleeping baby without them even knowing.

Professional Cleaning Services

Attempting to clean a home while adjusting to being a new parent, along with taking care of a newborn is no mean feat. Between newborn babies needing so much attention and new parents feeling constantly tired from lack of sleep, keeping a house clean seems like an impossible task.

Therefore, we think one of the best possible baby shower gift ideas you can give a new parent is one or more cleaning sessions by a professional cleaning company. This is like literally, removing a mountain from their shoulders, even if it’s only a once or twice kind of thing. If you have the extra cash to invest, you could really splurge and get them a whole year of cleaning services to help keep their home tidy while they parent like a boss.

Time Off to Sleep

Some friends and family may be on a super tight budget, but still want to give the mom and dad-to-be a gift they can really appreciate. Instead of offering a physical gift that costs money, offer to come over and look after the baby for six hours, so the parents can get some sleep.

You could even create a cute, personalized voucher that gives a certain number of babysitting shifts! Seriously, a good night’s sleep is so underrated.

Keep in mind that you can offer to give them some shut-eye at any time, even during the day. Once the baby is born, mom is trying to get back to her routine and physical shape. Taking the afternoon shift can give mom time to exercise and soak in that vitamin d!

There are health benefits to this kind of gift, too. A chronic lack of sleep can lead to depression and anxiety. With new mothers, a lack of sleep can often lead to difficulty dealing with emotional changes. Also, even though allowing more time for sleeping is not a guarantee against postnatal depression, it can only help!

In addition to all the gift ideas above, you could also consider helping throw your friend’s baby shower. Throwing a baby shower can be such a fun way to do something nice for your friend and mom-to-be and can be made easy with the right tips! Learn how to plan a baby shower with these baby shower games from Honest.

So many baby shower gift ideas, so little time. Hopefully one of these great ideas helps you in your decision-making process. Not all items need to be super expensive or unique baby shower gifts listed on the registry.Oftentimes, the perfect mom to be gift is something that is functional and relieves the expecting mother of some stress. And sometimes, the very best gift for a new parent is simply your presence and willingness to help.

We aim to provide you with the most honest and credible information possible. This article was reviewed for accuracy by The Honest Team and was written based on trusted sources that are linked at the bottom of the article.

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