How to Plan a Virtual Baby Shower

Jul 6, 2020
How to Plan a Virtual Baby Shower

With a new baby on the way, a time-honored ritual is to have a traditional shower with friends and family. Complete with fun games and adorable decor, the celebration of a new baby brings everyone together. Despite the currently unpredictable times and the need to socially distance, your family’s special moments don’t have to be cancelled. If you or a loved one have a little one on the way and aren’t able to celebrate with an in-person baby shower–don’t worry! Virtual baby showers are a thing! Honest has thrown a few already, and we learned a lot along the way––here are some tips to help you make the best of this situation and celebrate your family’s newest addition the best way possible.

Virtual Platform

If you haven’t figured out by now which platform to use for a video conference–that’s okay! Thankfully, we now have a ton of options. Consider what feels easiest for you, and what majority of your guests have access to. Zoom and Google Hangouts seem to be the most popular, but whatever platform you go with, make sure to play around and become proficient in how to use it to host a party. For example, if you are using a presentation of any kind, know how to go back and forth between sharing your screen and seeing your guests. For less digitally-fluent guests, make sure they have designated support from other friends or family members.

Themes & Decor

Baby showers usually have a theme–it makes invitations, decor, and desserts more fun! From unicorns to sweet treats to teddy bears, there are a ton of ideas out there. For a charming DIY touch Spoonflower allows you to choose your own patterns to be made into banners, napkins and so much more. Honest has our own Spoonflower page, so you can even match your diapers and other favorite baby products to the theme you like most. Once you’ve decided on your paper goods, brighten up the room with some on-theme florals. Urban Stems has a beautiful selection to make sure it all comes together.

Guest List

Once you pick a theme and put together a guest list, send out the baby shower invitations with a time, the date, and the Zoom/Google Hangouts link. Want to make it feel extra special and interactive? Ask guests to dress up! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but it can give everyone a chance to get out of sweats for a bit. Make calls and check in with guests that are less digitally fluent to make sure they’re aware of all of the needed information. This will also help give you time to chat with friends and family and get more excited about the virtual shower celebration! 

Game Time

There are so many interactive and exciting activities to do even during a Virtual baby shower. We have a ton of ideas and tips for how to conduct virtual baby shower games below! Pick your faves but keep in mind timing and how many activities your guests are able to do. Some virtual baby shower games take preparing beforehand so make sure you have everything prepared before the virtual party!

  • Name that Baby - Ask guests to send in a baby photo of themselves, then use Google Slides and ask guests to match the name to the face.

  • Name that Baby Tune - Check out some Baby Shower Spotify Playlists if you don’t have one already! Play the song for 10 seconds and have your friends and family guess the song.
  • Mom or Dad? - Jessica loves this one. Have each guest write MOM and DAD (or MOM + MAMA, or DAD + DADA) on separate pieces of paper. Ask a series of questions, such as “who will change more diapers?” and have your guests hold up the piece of paper with the corresponding name. Are they right??
  • Question ideas:
  • Who will change more diapers?
  • Who will hate a stinky diaper more?
  • Who will do more nightime feedings?
  • Who will be better at singing lullabies?
  • What will baby say first: mama or dada?
  • Who will be stricter?
  • Who will spoil baby more?
  • Who will take more photos?
  • Who will cry more when baby is born?
  • Who will want another baby first?

Gifts for Baby

Put together an informal list of things you’ll want (and need) for your new bundle of joy. Even if you don’t have a gift registry, you can take the guesswork out of baby shower gift ideas and make sure your guests get exactly what you need. Pick all your faves on and share it with your guests! We make it easy to order all the essentials from the comfort of home and everything gets delivered right to your doorstep! From diapering essentials to mama care, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of our fave baby + mom to be gifts below. 

  • Diaper Cake - You can have your cake–and diapers too! Trust us, you can never ask for too many diapers, this way it’s in super cute decor form too. 
  • Diapers & Wipes Subscription - There’s no shame in asking guests to pitch in for this very helpful (and life-saving) subscription bundle. Getting a monthly restock on diapering essentials can make parenting easier!
  • Honest City Backpack - Every parent needs a spacious, ready-for-anything bag. Get one that’s stylish, too! Our super functional City Backpack carries all of life’s essentials and can transition from diaper bag to work bag whenever you need it to.
  • Honest Mama: Bump Love Bundle - Keep your itchy, growing belly calm and hydrated with our plant-based oil blend and 24-hour moisture butter, right through your baby’s debut.
  • Ultimate Newborn Kits - Let your friends + fam celebrate your new parenthood with these adorable gift bundles. Available in four themes (yes, they can match your shower), these exploding gift sets come with tons of essentials for parents and babies alike.
  • Baby Arrival Gift Set - Complete with diaper bag essentials, bathtime goodies and tons of other newborn necessities, this gift set covers your bases surrounding the big debut.
  • Honest Baby Clothing - From bathtime to playtime to sleepytime, Honest has your little ones covered. Available in many adorable prints and all made from safe, organic textiles + ingredients, our clothing + accessories are gentle, trusted + cuter than ever.

Whichever fun baby shower game you pick or decor you’ve selected, it’ll be a great celebration for you and your new family. We’re so excited to help you plan out this special celebration. Share your shower decor ideas + Zoom screenshots by tagging us @Honest. We can’t wait to see how your virtual baby showers turned out!

We aim to provide you with the most honest and credible information possible. This article was reviewed for accuracy by The Honest Team and was written based on trusted sources that are linked at the bottom of the article.

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