Target Baby Registry: Everything You Need to Know

Target Baby Registry: Everything You Need to Know

How Does the Target Baby Registry Work

One of the reasons we love a Target gift registry when shopping for baby essentials is that they make it so easy for you as new members of the bump club— aka what expecting parents need. 

To get started, click on “Registries & Lists” right on the homepage. Then, scroll down to the Baby section to find the “create a baby registry” button. From there, you can start learning and building your baby registry checklist. Soon enough, you'll be able to share your list with friends and family to provide a couple of hints for baby shower gift ideas. Nudge nudge. Wink wink.

The Benefits of a Target Registry

When you register with Target, you’ll get amazing perks like a free welcome kit, a 15% off coupon, and (since life with a new baby is full of unexpected changes for mom and dad) Target lets you make returns and exchanges for an entire year after your due date. 

Another one of the features we love is the universal registry, which means you can even add items from your other favorite websites to your Target store registry — hello, Monica + Andy!

What Comes in the Target Registry Welcome Kit

Once you’ve set up your baby registry, the next thing to do is make a trip to a Target store to pick up your free welcome gift, which is designed to help you figure out what baby products you like. 

Inside the welcome kit, you’ll get $100 worth of handpicked samples from Target’s most-loved brands. The baby box may include anything from diapers and burp cloths to nursery decor and maternity clothing as you are now a member of the bump club. They’ve even been known to gift Starbucks freebie coupons — because, let’s be real, if there’s anything new parents need it’s coffee.

Timesaving trick: these welcome kits are super popular, so be sure to call the store to make sure they have one in stock before you make the trip.

What to Put on Your Target Baby Registry 

For all those parents out there who have no idea where to begin, Target created a super detailed, yet universal registry checklist that will help guide you through the baby essentials you need. They also have a Baby A-Z page that offers how-tos and info about your new baby’s important moments. Make sure to take a peep as many of these products make for perfect baby shower gifts!

Here are our recommendations in terms of baby products and baby gear: 

  1. Diapers
    • Tip: Since your baby won’t be in newborn sizes very long, it’s a good idea to register for size 1.
  2. Wipes
    • Tip: Register for a ton of these, as they are by far one of the most important baby items to have on deck at all times.
  3. Infant Car seat
  4. Stoller
  5. Baby Layette 
  6. Crib & Crib Mattress
  7. Baby Bottles
    • Tip: Babies are picky and who knows which bottle your little one will gravitate toward. Register for a bunch of different kinds from various brands so you have options.
  8. Baby Monitor
  9. Bibs and Burp Cloths
    • Tip: You’ll need lots and lots of these… unless you love doing laundry.
  10. Baby Bathtub 
  11. Nail Clippers 
    • Tip: Register for a few clippers and buffers. You’ll need to use them pretty much every day, and it’s nice to have them stashed all around the house.
  12. Baby Bouncer

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