Running While Pregnant: What Active Mums-To-Be Should Know

Aug 11, 2020
Running While Pregnant: What Active Mums-To-Be Should Know

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Finding out you’re pregnant is BIG news. Once all of the excitement wears down, the questions start to sink in. If you’re an active runner, one of your top questions might be, can you run while pregnant? Obviously every woman will be different, and the best solution is to discuss your options with your doctor and get clearance before starting any kind of activity with a baby on board.

Can Pregnant Women Run?

The truth is if you’re a regular runner already, and your pregnancy is normal and not high-risk, it’s probably completely safe to continue your habit, at least until you’re further along and running becomes uncomfy. Your body is already used to running regularly and it’s not a shock to your system. Although, when exercising, try to avoid intense physical activity, such as marathon training.

If you don’t normally run though, it’s not the best exercise to begin when you find out you’re expecting. Most doctors will advise against it because running can put a lot of additional stress on a body that’s already under significant duress as the baby continues to grow and develop. Other options like pregnancy yoga may be more beneficial and safer for expecting moms who weren’t previously active. Start slow and easy and build up your strength and endurance over time.  

If you do decide to run, it’s wise to invest in some good gear for exercising (and personal care products for your “cool down!” 

Get a Rad Set of Running Shoes

These shoes should fit well, be supportive, and help keep you from spraining joints and ankles. Remember that during pregnancy, hormones are going wild. Some of the hormones circulating in your body actually work to help make your body more elastic, including joints, muscles, and ligaments. That means that, unfortunately, you’re also more prone to injury and have to be extra careful. Plus, as you start running while carrying more weight, your joints will feel the pressure even more. So, make sure those kicks are stable and do their job!

Don’t Forget Your Sports Bra

If you’re aren’t particularly well-endowed, you may be able to wait until further along in your pregnancy, but it’s always a great idea to invest in an excellent sports bra to keep the girls happy. Remember that your breasts will grow while pregnant, so make sure you pick a bra that feels good and doesn’t cut into your skin.

Try a Belly Band

If you’re further along in your pregnancy, you might find that running gets more awkward with a bouncing baby belly. Try a belly support band, made for such an occasion. A belly band can help stabilize your belly while you run, eliminating that exhausting, awful bouncing feeling. They are great for relieving pressure in the pelvic area and keeping your posture on point, so you don’t wind up swaybacked or crying from back pain.

For those soon-to-be moms who are unsure whether they can run while pregnant can now refer to this article to learn for how long and how far they can continue running, while also maintaining a healthy pregnancy. The article will provide the reader with the advantages and disadvantages, as well as risk factors that high-intensity running can have on your baby, depending on the different stages of your pregnancy.

Tips by Trimester

Remember, that if you’re not already an active runner, it’s wiser to avoid running entirely, until your baby arrives, and your body is ready to handle the additional wear and tear. However, if you are an active runner already, you have to keep in mind that things will change from trimester to trimester. At some point, you will not be able to continue your normal levels of activity. Not being able to exercise can be frustrating but try to remember that you’re growing a new life inside of you. Your body is amazing, and it will bounce back after birth. See these postpartum exercises to help you feel like you again!

First Trimester

Most women can keep up their normal momentum running or exercising while pregnant in the first trimester. Yes, you may feel more fatigued and you may experience things like morning sickness, but if you have a good day and want to run, there’s no reason you can’t run at your usual pace, for your usual mileage.

Second Trimester

For most women, any morning sickness starts to abate in the second trimester. However, your belly is growing and becoming more noticeable now, which means it also may be getting more uncomfortable to run and may start to feel a bit awkward. It’s a good time to start slowly replacing running with other fitness activities that are lower intensity and slowing down on your running routine.

Third Trimester

In the third trimester your belly becomes much larger, so running is definitely not as easy as it used to be! You may tire more quickly and feel more awkward, even with a belly brace may feel less t. You could consider running in the pool as an alternative, to help take some of the stress and weight off your joints and muscles. If you are too uncomfortable to run in the third trimester, there are plenty of other pregnancy exercises for you to try, so don’t stress!

At the end of the day, can you run while pregnant? Yes, of course, if it’s something you normally do. But at some point, you’ll have to give up your running routine, at least temporarily. Just be sure that no matter what type of fitness you do during pregnancy that it is safe and you are staying hydrated.

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