DIY Guided Meditation for Families

DIY Guided Meditation for Families

Why Meditate?

On the long list of physical and mental benefits that meditation can have are many that can be especially helpful to families with young kids like:

  • Easing anxiety symptoms

  • More restful sleep

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Stress resilience

  • Increasing focus

  • Improve socialization

So why don’t more people do it? Often it can be hard to just get started with meditation because the mind isn’t used to it. 

Guided meditations are the best way to get over this hurdle. Remember: like anything the more you practice the easier it will get.

How to Meditate with Your Kids

Teaching your kids to start meditating when they’re young will help them develop what can be a life-long skill for dealing with many of life’s challenges. 

The best time to give it a try is at bedtime when your little ones are already laying down because it may be difficult to get them to sit still and focus in the middle of the day. 

Start off with an easy, imagination-based meditation that’s not too difficult for their minds to grasp. As your kids close their eyes, read this to them in a slow, calming voice:

Guided Meditation for Kids

Take a trip to an imaginary, peaceful place and feel the calm. You have the power to change how you are feeling simply by changing our focus. Use guided imagery to move your attention away from stress and toward finding your own inner peace and creativity. 

  • Imagine that you are walking on a sandy path to a long, sandy beach.  As you step onto the sand, you can feel your feet sink into the warm, soft, white sand. As you are standing on the sand, you can feel the warm sun on your shoulders. 

  • Look up at the sky, which is a beautiful shade of blue. Notice if there are any clouds drifting by or birds flying across the sky... Feel the warmth of the sun on your face.

  • Look down at the sapphire blue ocean, glistening in the sunlight. 

  • Look far out to sea. See the boats sailing by, and the dolphins jumping in and out of the water as they swim across the ocean.

  • See the waves gently breaking on the shore, one after another. Feel the ocean breeze as it blows across your skin. 

  • Listen to the sounds of the waves gently crashing on the beach, and to the sound of birds. 

  • And now take a deep breath in, and smell the salty air. 

  • Just immerse yourself in a sense of relaxation and ease, fully enjoying the peaceful sensations of the beautiful beach. You feel completely safe and at peace.

If you want more mindfulness tips and guided medications check out the app created by our friends at Stop, Breathe & Think.


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