Honest Summer Diapers
Honest Summer Diapers

Parents of Blu, Los Angeles CA/Honolulu, HI

Honest Summer Diapers
Summer Diapers

Parents of Blu, Los Angeles CA/Honolulu, HI

Meet Serena

My name is Serena Taylor, and I'm a new mom of an 8-month old baby named Blu. My husband, Hudson, is a celebrity & lifestyle photographer, so it definitely makes it convenient to take cute pictures of our son at any given time! Haha!

Why do you use Honest?

We choose Honest for our baby because we love that we can trust every product to be safe for him.

Fave parenting hack:

Best thing you can do for the first couple of months is to take five hour shifts at night IN A DIFFERENT ROOM with the baby. That way, your partner can have a solid 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and vice versa.

Fave Honest diaper print ever:

My favorite diaper print for Blu constantly changes because there are SO many cute ones. Right now, one of my favorites is the Speedy Babe print because it's beachy & cool & fun.

What makes you both honest parents?

We don’t let our baby fall asleep in our arms. As a result he is an incredible sleeper and sleeps 12 hours straight at night from 6:30 PM to 6:30 AM.


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