Honest Summer Diapers
Honest Summer Diapers

Mama of three, Los Angeles, CA

Honest Summer Diapers
Summer Diapers

Mama of three, Los Angeles, CA

Meet Lizzy

Hi I’m Lizzy Mathis, a Los Angeles based (cool) mom to two daughters and a very active toddler son. I’m a model and actress turned entrepreneur who founded the lifestyle parenting blog thecoolmom.co, and recently launched my Youtube channel.

Why do you use Honest?

I love their clean approach to products I can use for my whole family and for myself.

Fave parenting hack:

Instead of making individual snacks for each of my kiddos, I fill muffin tins with veggies, dried fruits and healthy snacks. I set it out and let them enjoy!

Fave Honest diaper print ever:

Skulls for sure!

What makes you an honest parent?

I let my kids watch a movie, eat pizza and dessert every Friday - does that make me honest? Ha! .


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