Honest Summer Diapers
Honest Summer Diapers

Mama of Haven, Oahu, HI

Honest Summer Diapers
Summer Diapers

Mama of Haven, Oahu, HI

Meet Natalia

Aloha my name is Natalia, I am 25 years old living on the beautiful island of Oahu. I love to free dive, surf, skateboard and I've been dancing Tahitian for many, many years.

Why do you use Honest?

I love everything about Honest and that everything feels great on your skin. The diapers keep my son comfy and dry, plus they are the perfect fit & have stylish patterns. Honest Beauty feels great (too) & has helped improve my skin and self-confidence.

Fave parenting hack:

My favorite simple beach hack is tying a surfboard leash to our boogie board and pulling the little guy around into the surf. We got a wild child on our hands and he lives for adventure.

Fave Honest diaper print ever:

Favorite diaper print...that’s easy, it’s definitely Space Traveling. Haven is obsessed with learning about the solar system right now and smiles everytime he points to his diaper.

What makes you an honest parent?

My son started surfing at 7 months old, he has his own squad, loves to fish off the land and off a jet ski, and thrives off of skateboarding with dad.