Diapers for Sensitive Skin: What to Look For

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Diapers for Sensitive Skin: What to Look For

What to Avoid in Disposable Diapers

Typically, the best diapers for sensitive skin are made without latex, fragrances, lotions and chlorine processing. Here’s why:

1) Latex

You’re probably used to using products with latex all the time, like gloves and even bandages — so how how bad could it be?

The thing is many people have latex allergies. So, just like it’s a good idea to avoid feeding your baby foods that are considered common allergens, it’s a good idea to avoid ingredients in your baby products that are known to cause allergic reactions.

2) Fragrances

Diapers smell bad; fragrances smell good. But, “fragrance” is a term often used as a label under which ingredients are hidden. So, when you see that word on an ingredient list, it may mean you’re not actually looking at the full ingredients list.

Another reason to avoid fragrances in both every day and overnight diapers is because they are known to irritate skin. For this reason, most pediatricians will recommend only using fragrance-free products on your baby until they are at least 6 months old.

3) Lotions

Diapers should already be super soft, so they shouldn’t need lotion. It’s always smart to avoid unnecessary ingredients in your baby products. In the case that your baby does suffer from a rash, apply a gentle diaper rash cream.

4) Chlorine Processing

There’s nothing like the thrill of reaching into your diaper bag and pulling out a crisp, white diaper without any pee or poop on it, right? Chlorine processing is how many manufacturers give their diapers that super-white glowing look.

The problem is those super-white diapers go on your baby’s skin, and the chlorine processing can make the material irritating to their little bum.

The good news is there are diapers out there that are classified as either ECF or TCF, which means they limit or eliminate that process, even if it means the diapers come out a little less glowingly white. Seems like a fair trade off to us.

What’s the Difference Between ECF and TCF Diapers?

It’s actually pretty simple: ECF stands for Elemental Chlorine Free and TCF stands for Totally Chlorine Free. That means, ECF diapers do use some sort of chlorine processing, while TCF don’t come into contact with chlorine.

Best Diapers to Keep Your Baby Safe

Moral of the story is that baby’s skin is super delicate and latex, lotions, fragrances and chlorine processing can potentially irritate some baby’s skin. Choosing diapers that are made without these materials and processes, along with frequently changing your babies' diapers when they are wet, can help your baby avoid diaper rash, and other skin irritations.

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