4 Self Care Tips For The Holiday Season

4 Self Care Tips For The Holiday Season

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The holidays should be a time for rest and relaxation. Even though it might be tempting to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle as you shop for presents, plan dinner with family and friends, or grab some last-minute decorations, it’s essential to carve out some time for self care, as well.

But how do you manage that when you’ve got so much on your (holiday) plate? Don’t worry—our guide of holiday self care tips paired with must-have self care essentials covers everything you need to know. That way, you can enjoy everything the season of giving has to offer while giving back to yourself. 

#1 Drink Water

This one might seem a little basic, but drinking water is an important self care tip. When you find yourself constantly running around, and your mind is occupied with a to-do list that’s a million items long, drinking water is one of the first things that can fall by the wayside. 

But you shouldn’t let it. Drinking the proper amount of water has major health benefits and can help:

  • Improve your skin – When you don't hydrate yourself, you don’t hydrate your skin either. Not only can this help cause short-term issues, such as breakouts, but over time, it can even lead to early signs of aging, such as wrinkles. As part of your face and body care routine, be sure to level up your water intake to glow from the inside out.
  • Keep your holiday diet intact – By replacing your soda or overly sweet coffee drink with a glass of water, you can continue your commitment to a healthier lifestyle without having to worry about grandma’s holiday cookies later on.
  • Prevent hangovers – Having parties with friends and family is an essential element of the holiday season. But it’s not so fun when you wake up the next morning and can’t get out of bed. Drinking some water the night before—particularly soda water—can help you enjoy the day after the party as well.
  • Maintain your digestive system – Your stomach needs water to do its job. By depriving it, you may feel the effects later on. Don’t let stomach problems ruin your festive weekend. Be proactive and give your digestive tract the water it needs.

As you shop, eat, and be merry this season, make sure you’re hitting your daily hydration goals and not denying yourself these benefits. Sometimes, even drinking one glass of water can be the self care your body needs.

#2 Make Sure You’re Sleeping Enough

Another tip that seems easy, but can be hard to execute in practice is getting enough sleep. Like forgetting to drink water, losing sleep is something you might not know you’re doing until it’s already too late. If you’re constantly depriving yourself of a good night’s rest, you may:

  • Have a higher chance of developing heart disease or high blood pressure
  • Lower your critical thinking skills
  • Find yourself feeling snappish and annoyed during the day

Take better care of yourself by aiming to get about seven or eight hours of shut-eye every night, so you don’t feel drowsy later on. Better sleep is a must and you owe it to yourself to experience the holiday season fully alert.

#3 Treat Yourself

You’ve likely put a lot of effort into buying presents for your friends and family, and you deserve to treat yourself with the same thoughtfulness. As part of your self care plan, give yourself a gift you’ve been looking forward to this year. After all, what’s the holiday season if not the perfect time to buy yourself that thing you’ve been eyeing for a while? 

Some self-gift ideas include:

Bonus: when you purchase clean beauty and award winning skincare products from Honest®, you can be your own secret Santa without breaking the bank. 

#4 Take Some Time to Breathe

While you might be busy scheduling everything from your get-together with friends to your annual family photos, make sure you also schedule yourself some much-deserved “me time” whether it's part of your morning routine, bedtime routine, or whenever you can catch a break. The act of setting aside time for yourself is one of the most important wellness practices, especially when time is scarce. 

Try to carve out at least twenty minutes all to yourself so you can:

  • Catch up on a hobby
  • Squeeze in regular exercise or some form of physical activity
  • Read that book you’ve been dying to start
  • Practice meditation or deep breathing exercises
  • Take a long dead sea salt bath
  • Give yourself an at-home spa treatment

You can’t indulge in the giving spirit if you have nothing left to give. Taking some time for yourself to unwind and destress will leave you feeling replenished and ready to relish the holiday merriment.

Make Self Care Easy with Honest®

This holiday season, let Honest® be a part of your self care practice. All of our skincare and beauty products are clean, so you don’t have to worry about what’s in them. And less time worrying means more time relaxing. Plus, our products are designed to be affordable, so you don’t have to spend a pretty penny to indulge in them.

Enjoy the holidays and do self care the Honest® way.


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