How To: Fall Makeup Looks

How To: Fall Makeup Looks

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There’s no getting around it, a chill is in the air! That means fall is upon us, and with it, all the holiday things are fast approaching. Of course, you’ll want to look your best for all of the gatherings with friends and family, so with that we’ve compiled our favorite fall inspired makeup looks to help you put your best face forward. 

Fall-icious Lips

There are a few directions you can go with your lips for a beautiful fall look.

Deep Berry Pout

Deep shades are perfect lip colors for any fall makeup look. However, sometimes wearing the same browns and burgundies can get boring. Instead, why not try a deep berry lip color? You can pair this berry lip look with nude makeup, or opt for a dusty pink eye. If you prefer a bit more edge, pair your berry liquid lipstick with a berry-toned eyeliner. 

Bold Red Pout

Bold reds are a classic, go-to lip color for any day of the week, any skin tone, and any season of the year. However, during the fall, it can add a much needed pop of color to your regular makeup routine and works great to complement all the orange, browns, and greens in nature. 

Use a transfer-proof, long-lasting, liquid lipstick to ensure it doesn’t make a mess. For the rest of your face makeup, go with a clean look using a subtle liner and a light, natural-looking blush. This makeup look works well for both casual and formal occasions. You could even test out new shades of red––like brick red––and spice things up a little with a bold lip.

Romantic Glossy Pout 

A glossy lip never truly goes out of style all year long, and this fall season is no different. Wearing a lip gloss that gives you plumper, fuller-looking lips, is a great way to freshen up your face, and it goes well with any makeup look, whether it’s a bare-faced morning look, a daytime minimalist look, or a full glam evening look. 

Use a tinted lip balm or a separate gloss tint underneath in a berry shade as an ode to fall. If you want to be a little daring, opt for a 90’s inspired look and add a darker lip liner. 

Magnificent Fall Eyes

This fall, the verdict is in, and glitters and shimmers are very much on the eyeshadow palette for this season.

Tortoise Shell Eyes 

Eye makeup is an ever-evolving thing. Fox eyes have been trending in 2021––however, that’s not the only animal-inspired makeup look in fashion for fall. Tortoiseshell eyes are one of the latest phenomenons, created using lush shades of green and brown, especially colors like moss green, olive green, and khaki. 

It’s because of these colors that this eye look is called the tortoiseshell eyes. This is a great option for a fall makeup look because you can see these colors in nature all around you. Plus, the shades of browns and greens make it ideal for all eye colors, even blue eyes. It looks equally stunning regardless of skin color, too.

Pearly Eyes 

By applying light, shimmery shades to the center of the lid, or the inner corner, you can make your eyes appear brighter and wider. Pearly eyes are a subtle but glowing look, perfect for fall evenings. 

Use a base of neutral shades like beige and pinks, and then add a pearly shimmer. You can accentuate your eyes further by tight lining or applying a darker shade in the outer corner using our Blending Crease Brush. And if you prefer a more ethereal pearly eye look, simply apply a nude eye pencil along your waterline. To achieve this pearly eye makeup look, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need in your eye makeup kit.

Pastel Eyes

If there’s one trend that’s been seen throughout all seasons of 2020 and now again in 2021, it’s pastels. Pastels are everywhere, from makeup to clothing and accessories. We think it’s safe to say a pastel eye is a great look for fall, too. 

For best results, create a base on the eyelid, preferably using a grayish-white color for cool tones, and a creamy-white color for warm eye shadows. For a more subtle pastel look, you can apply the pastel eye color directly to the eye. You can never go wrong with blue and purple pastel shades! 

Jewel Tone Eyes

Emerald green, amethyst purple, sapphire blue, glowing topaz, ruby red––arguably the most ideal time to use these colors is the fall season. The vibrant yet earthy tones go well this time of the year and make for a perfect dolled-up eye in the evenings. For best results, keep the rest of your face makeup neutral and muted to really let your eyes shine. 

Blue Eye Liner

Blue liner gives a fun pop of color, contrasted with the standard browns and maroons often seen in fall. Granted, colored liners look stunning any day of the year. 

However, blue liners are especially stunning in the fall because shades of blue complement browns and greens so well. If you don’t have a blue eyeliner pencil to experiment with, try mixing blue eyeshadow with a makeup setting spray and use that to line your eyes. Using a setting spray is the answer if you are wondering how to make makeup last all day.

Plum Under-Eye Liner

Speaking of colored liners, plum is also an excellent choice for the autumn season. However, add a twist to your makeup look by using plum as an under-liner, instead of on your top lid. Using our Blend + Smudge Brush, this eyeliner look will make for an edgier, more intense vibe.

Kitten Eye Liner 

When is eyeliner ever not in fashion? We honestly can’t recall a time. For this fall in particular, the current ‘it’ style is kitten eyeliner. When compared to the bold cat eye, the kitten eye is a more subtle version. Not to mention it’s much easier to master because it’s thinner in size. 

Kitten eyeliner offers a clean and fresh eye look, but can be equally stunning for both daytime and nighttime makeup looks, whether you’re going for casual or formal. 

To accomplish this look, you can use either a liquid or pencil eyeliner depending on your personal preference. However, if you prefer a much thinner, precise line, try using a liquid eyeliner. The trick for a successful kitten eye is to start in the center of your eye instead of the inner corner. Then use thin strokes to draw along your lash line and end the line with a tiny wing at the end. Meow!

Fabulous Fall Face Makeup

You’re no doubt familiar with the classic makeup looks that wear well all year around. Maybe it’s a no-makeup makeup look, or a bronze face look, or a full on glam look with smokey eyes. That doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with new trends for fall! 

Blushed and Flushed 

Some like to add a hint of summer to their fall fashion arsenal by creating a beautiful, flushed look. We say amped-up blush is always in fashion, regardless of the time of year. 

When applying your blush, try applying over and just under the cheekbones, to give a lifted look to your face. Don’t forget to put some blush on the bridge of your nose as well to truly make your skin look sun-kissed.

Draping and Contouring

Draping is a newer technique for applying blush. It’s essentially a way of contouring your face, but using a blush instead of a contour color. The idea is to shape your face and highlight your features in a light and subtle way. 

To achieve this look, apply the blush near your cheekbones and blend upwards––all the way to your brow bone and temples. The added color will accentuate your brow bone and temple area. Use similar shades to highlight the cheekbone and brow bone and give your face a lift. For best results, use a cream blush as they blend beautifully. 

Monochromatic Looks

Use the technique mentioned above, paired with a simple eye look to create a monochromatic look. The idea is to use the same color for your whole face, from your lips to your cheeks and eyes. 

Most commonly, shades of pink are used as they look good on nearly all skin tones. For best results, use stick or cream blushes as they are better suited not just for your cheeks but for your lips and eyes, too.

Rosy & Dusty Neutrals 

Since we’re on the topic of pinks, we’d be remiss not to mention classic rosy shades and dusty pinks and browns. Fall is the best time to break out all of those rosy makeup palettes! Not only will they brighten up a gloomy day, they look endlessly romantic. 

Another cool thing about rosy and dusty shades is they can create a vintage vibe with your makeup look. Remember, rosy accents were the ‘it’ trend of the 80s!

Try it out for yourself by dusting the crease of your eye with a rosy shade or use a muted, neutral pink and pat it on. Add a little bit of liner to define your eye shape, and don’t be afraid to experiment with colors like rose gold. Shades like these are perfect for a crisp, fall evening. 

These are just a handful of simple fall makeup looks you can try out this season. Always be willing to experiment but always remember, you’re uniquely you, and you don’t have to be anyone else to feel beautiful! 


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