Mother’s Day Gift Guide for First Time Moms

Apr 6, 2021
Mother’s Day Gift Guide for First Time Moms

Choosing Mother’s Day gifts for first time moms is fun, because, well—they’re a first time mom! They’ve never received a Mother’s Day gift before, and it’s an entirely new experience for them. 

However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come without challenges. What could you get her that makes her feel loved, appreciated, and like this new journey she’s on isn’t one she’s walking alone?

Gifts that commemorate this special time in her life, gifts that help her overcome the hurdles she will face during this new adventure, and gifts that simply help her feel better after carrying a child for 9 months are excellent places to start! Keep reading for some of the best gifts for first time moms that we could think of.

Challenges Faced by New Moms

Motherhood is a unique human experience that isn’t quite like anything else in life. It’s a miracle in and of itself, carrying a baby for 9 months as they grow from virtually nothing into a magnificent something—a sweet child that’s born with all the best of both Mom and Dad. 

For some, motherhood is considered to be a beautiful gift that keeps on giving. However, despite its many blessings, motherhood is not all unicorns and rainbows, and anyone who tries to tell you differently probably has zero experience being a mother!  

Moms not only face challenges in their daily life, but also challenges to their health, both mental and physical. If they are working moms, they also face hurdles in establishing a healthy work-life balance after maternity leave is up. In some cases, new moms may even have to choose between parenting and having a career. There’s nothing wrong with either, but the reality is both can be hard to juggle successfully. In short—for new moms, nearly everything about life after a baby is different. 

Some of the trials and tribulations faced by new moms include: 

Sleep Deprivation

The first and arguably worst problem that accompanies motherhood is sleep deprivation. Babies need to be fed every 2-3 hours when first born because of their small little tummies, which means they also need diaper changes frequently. 

If a new mom is breastfeeding and unable to pump so that Dad can share in feeding duties, it falls on her to do all the feedings around the clock. 

Unfortunately, this means that those moms are unable to get even a few hours of solid, continuous sleep. This cycle can be very draining, especially if it’s her first child and she has no prior experience.

Physical Body Changes

Almost every woman gains weight during pregnancy. Moreover, as her stomach stretches to make room for the baby, her skin may start showing stretch marks. 

After a baby is born, that loose skin takes some time to return to normal, with some saying it could take anywhere from 8 months to a year. So, in the initial few months as she adjusts to her new body, the changes can be mentally and emotionally taxing. 

Birthing Pains and Breastfeeding

The reality is that giving birth involves tearing the body and popping out a full-sized baby. The unrelenting pain that accompanies labor can stay with a new mom for some time after, and understandably, her body will feel tired and drained during the recovery process. 

Breastfeeding can also be quite difficult since the baby may not know how to suck right away, and a new mom also may not know how to make it any easier. Common breastfeeding problems include not generating enough milk, creating more milk than needed and becoming engorged, painful feedings, the baby not latching properly, and more. 

Postpartum Depression 

Postpartum depression is very common, although perhaps not as widely talked about as it should be. The rush of hormones during pregnancy and after the birth can disturb their delicate balance. This disturbance can cause a new mom's emotions to fluctuate, resulting in mood swings and depression. Of course, a pronounced lack of sleep doesn’t help anything either!

Difficulty Understanding the Baby

Not every new mom starts out as a natural, and that’s okay. Some may find it challenging trying to understand what their baby needs right away. It takes some time to develop understanding. At first, she may find it hard to determine whether the new baby is crying out of hunger, pain, or simply because he has a wet diaper or wants to cuddle mommy.

Gift Ideas for First Mother’s Day 

With all of those new mom challenges in mind, you can understand why making her first Mama’s Day special is so important! Granted, a well-written card expressing your love and gratitude is always welcomed, and what woman will say no to her favorite flowers? However, there are other ways to show her she’s amazing, too. 

Picture Frames

Picture frames are a classic gift. They are an excellent addition to enhance her photo collection and do double-duty as a beautiful decorative item, too. To garner added points, why not gift her with a polaroid camera along with the frame? This way, she can take a picture right away to document her first Mother’s Day and immortalize that moment forever in the pretty picture frame. 

Baby Keepsake Box

The excitement a mother feels at every little stage of her baby’s development is unmatched by anything else in life. To honor that excitement, why not gift her with a baby keepsake box?

These keepsake boxes can be used to store any of her baby’s special items, such as first clothes, first shoes, a favorite toy, first lock of hair, and more. She could also save things like the baby’s hospital bracelet and the ink stamp of the baby’s handprint. Keepsake boxes are a perfect way to remember the good times of being a mom many years down the road. 

Customized Storybooks 

Customized storybooks can be made with the baby’s name, plus the names of the baby’s new parents, depending on the book’s storyline. This is a long-lasting personalized gift that will be exceptionally special to both the new momma and her baby. 

Custom Art

There’s a special charm to customized gifts because they show that they’re made especially for the receiver. Custom artwork isn’t any different. 

Some good custom art gift ideas for new moms include cards designed as a gift from baby to mom, fun wine labels to spice up her mama life, or even funny coffee mugs that hint at the sleep deprivation faced by new moms. Another idea is a t-shirt with a cute or funny new mom quote.

Memory Book

Memory books are a great way to journey down memory lane when a mama feels nostalgic about her initial days of new motherhood or wants to jot down something particularly memorable. 

Memory books come in a wide variety of options. Some are designed for yearly or monthly use, while some are designed for daily writing and journaling to keep track of the rapid changes of a growing baby.

Custom Jewelry 

Custom jewelry, like a charm bracelet with birthstone charms,zodiac sign charms, initials charms, etc., is a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for new moms. You could get her a pretty necklace with a ‘mom’ charm or the name of her baby, or even get a set of matching necklaces for both mom and baby to wear.

A Day of Relaxation

A day of R&R may be the best gift idea for new moms you could dream up. Whether you are her friend, partner, or spouse, giving her a day off from her duties as a busy mom and letting her have time just for her is a fabulous way to show your affection and support. 

You could make her a spa or salon appointment, let her sleep in for a day, make her breakfast in bed while you care for the baby, and so many other ideas. Self-care for every woman is different, so whatever Mother’s Day activities you choose, make sure it’s something she truly finds relaxing and she will be thrilled to pieces. At Honest®, we have a variety of gifts for mom that she’s sure to fall in love with. From our Prime + Perfect Mask to our Me Moment Soaking Salts, she’ll be able to embrace the much needed down time.

Mother’s Day gifts for first time moms are easier to come up with when you place yourself in her shoes, just for a moment. Then choose the gift you think she will love the most. Also, a little secret? You really can’t get this one wrong. 



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