#ThrowbackThursday DIY Friendship Bracelets

#ThrowbackThursday DIY Friendship Bracelets

Summer days are slowly slipping away, but there's always time for the kids to get crafty! Today's DIY from our friends at Paging Supermom might look a little familiar -- but like they say, what's old is new. These classic friendship bracelets are super easy to make and have yet to go out of style.

All you need is one piece of colored cord (the brighter the better) and a few minutes to master the knot- tying technique. Follow the graphic below and have fun!

#ThrowbackThursday DIY Friendship Bracelets


18 inches of cord (or other string of choice!)



Begin by cutting an 18-inch length of cording. Loop one end around the center of the strand and tie the first knot. Tighten and bring the remaining loose end around to the other side and tie another knot. Trim the ends. You can use this same technique to tie leather, ribbon, hemp, or any other string of choice -- feel free to get creative!

Have a happy and healthy Labor Day Weekend!

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