The 2021 Guide to Choosing the Best Stocking Stuffers

The 2021 Guide to Choosing the Best Stocking Stuffers

Need some Christmas stocking gift inspiration for the upcoming holiday season? You're in luck! Check out our gift guide to the best holiday stocking stuffers for everyone in the family.

Some of us spend arguably the whole year thinking about Christmas gift ideas, but then forget all about what to pile into stocking stuffers. But, not this year! Come prepared for this holiday season by opting for thoughtful stuffers perfect for traditional Christmas stockings. Whether you are on the hunt for gifts for her, gifts for mom, or gifts for dad, we have you covered!

Best Stocking Stuffers 2021

Hand Cream 

Since you’re supposed to wash your hands after touching anything and everything these days, hand creams are more important than ever and can be a great addition to your body care routine. Be sure to choose a nourishing cream with a soothing scent and pair it with our Cotton Moisturizing Gloves to make for an even better stocking stuffer. 

Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t like bath bombs? They are such fun stocking stuffers. If you’re going with a theme for your gifts, choose a bath bomb that matches the color scheme, in a scent you know the gift recipient will love.

This is an especially great stocking stuffer idea for all the husbands and boyfriends out there wondering what to put in their significant others’ stockings!

Makeup Brushes 

What better way to try out new holiday makeup looks than with the help of proper makeup brushes? Gift the makeup newbies and makeup lovers in your life a set of brushes to help them accomplish their favorite looks, as well as try out new makeup trends. Sneak a new foundation brush or crease blending brush in your loved one’s stocking stuffer this holiday season to set them up for success in their makeup endeavors!

Bath Time Kit

Create a DIY kit yourself by assembling all of your favorite bath products, or purchase a ready-made self-care kit. This stocking stuffer could be especially suitable for new parents and even toddlers or young kids. Pair a gentle shampoo with a bubble bath, and add a bath sponge in their favorite color. For toddlers, you can opt for a toy-shaped bath mitt.

Travel Products 

Especially relevant to 2021, why not gift your loved one some cute, printed reusable cotton face masks? To make sure your skin is able to breathe better, opt for cotton masks. We offer a variety of fun face mask patterns and colors for the whole family!

What pairs best with cotton face masks? Hand sanitizer! From luggage drop to security check, make sure every family member is stocked with an ample supply of hand sanitizer when navigating high traffic areas at the airport, especially during holiday travel.


Wipes are so multi-functional they always come in handy, no matter the situation. That means that a great stocking stuffer this year might be a pack of sustainable hand wipes. Whether they’re used to clean up a baby’s mess or clean a face, there’s no denying their versatility!

Bath Salts 

Bath salts are a great aid in relaxing and unwinding for a spa day at home. They’re not only soothing for your body, but also for your peace of mind, especially if they’re infused with special scents. Bath salts are perfect for a Christmas stocking on their own, but are even better when bundled as a spa night kit!

Skincare Kits

Stocking stuffers offer a great opportunity to introduce your loved ones to your favorite self-care products, without requiring them to make a huge commitment. You could even get a skincare kit for dad. It’s never too late to start good habits! Combine your favorites, like cleanser, moisturizer, and serum, to create a complete skin care kit, like our 3 Steps to Flawless Skin Kit. Just be sure any products you choose are suitable for the recipient’s skin type.

Mask Kit 

Why not turn your loved one’s stocking this year into a DIY mask kit? You can add in your favorite products, like a moisturizing face mask––cream, gel, or sheet––plus a fuzzy headband. Of course, you can add other things to the kit, too. Add in cotton pads for cleansing, a nourishing serum to apply post-sheet mask, and a thick eye cream. It’s DIY so fill that stocking with all your favorite facial products!

Lip Balm

Lip balms may well skate the edges of perfection as makeup products go. Is there anything a good lip balm can’t fix? Not only do they nourish your lips, but they also enhance their beauty, too. Especially if you manage to find a great tinted lip balm! Throw a few different shades into your favorite person’s stocking this year, and they will be thrilled to pieces. 

This list of fun stocking stuffer ideas certainly isn’t exhaustive, but it should get you started. Cheers to holiday gift shopping!

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