Hydrogel primary packaging next to secondary packaging

Our goal is to use the highest amount of post consumer recycled plastic available and upgrade to eco-friendly reusable + recyclable components. Join us on our movement to leave the planet better than we found it, one clean conscious product at a time.

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We use PCR plastic from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and other plastics in order to reduce landfill waste and decrease pollution.

PCR reuses materials and has a more sustainable production process (less energy & fossil fuels used) vs. creating virgin plastic. Plus, new plastic comes from non-renewable materials (petroleum) that is avoided through the use of PCR.

Tin can be recycled infinitely! It has the ability to be reused over again whether through recycling or upcycling and is generally made of at least 25%-100% of recycled metal.

Compared to plastics that degrade in quality after recycling, metals can be recycled over again without degradation in properties.

Every year more steel is recycled than glass, paper, aluminum, and plastic combined.

Tin can be recycled back into its original form of pure tin ingot in large quantities.

Endless upcycling possibilities! Tin is easy to reuse after washing out contents to to recognize your DIY dreams.

The goal is to eliminate single use packaging, when possible, by developing packaging that can withstand multiple uses and can be recycled at the end of its life. Metal and glass has been the target material choice since it can be infinitely recycled without degradation.

For instance, our new compacts will be made out of tin, which can be infinitely recycled without degradation in quality. The compacts also have a mirror inside made out of stainless steel instead of glass to optimize its recyclability. Some tubes will be made of 100% aluminum. Metals are one of the easiest materials to recycle due to the ease of sorting and recycling process.

Clear Glass is infinitely recyclable without loss in quality. Less energy is used in recycling and manufacturing process and it doesn't need additional additives to preserve the contents. Glass is also amazing to reuse/upcycle after contents are washed out!