Pause & Pose: Cow Face Arms

Pause & Pose: Cow Face Arms

Despite it's silly name, the Cow Face Arms pose is a basic move you can pretty much do anytime, anywhere. Today Jessie James is showing us the correct way to work this pose, ensuring that you get the best stretch. Don't worry if it feels a little awkward at first -- practice makes perfect!

Cow Face Arms Pose

Cow Face Arms

Gomukasana Arms

Level 2

Benefits: The full version of this pose has crossed and stacked legs, but working just the arms can be beneficial. This pose stretches your shoulders, armpits, triceps, and chest. It's often used as a variation with standing poses.

Honest Tip: Try to keep your shoulder blades on your back! Think about pressing the tips of your shoulder blades toward your heart without letting your front ribs pop open. If you can't reach your hands together or have to wing your shoulder blades off of your back to reach, simply use a strap instead while you work the pose.

Now go pause, pose, and find peace. Enjoy the long weekend!

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