Pause & Pose: Wild Thing

Pause & Pose: Wild Thing

We're stepping it up a notch this week, but if you've been following our Pause & Pose series it shouldn't be a problem! Today our Honest yogi Jessie James is showing us how to strengthen and stretch our bodies, while also fighting fatigue.  Even if you are stuck inside this Winter (unlike our lucky friend pictured below), this pose will help you to feel rejuvenated. Plus, it's got a really fun name.

Pause & Pose: Wild Thing

Wild Thing


Level 2


Wild Thing strengthens your shoulders and upper back while stretching your chest, shoulder, thighs and hip flexors. While this pose if fun it is also great for warding off fatigue and mild depression.

Honest Tip:

Getting in and out of this pose can be the trickiest part. Start by coming into a side plank pose, lift the top leg, bend your knee and step your foot behind you. Lift your hips toward the sky and let your head and neck relax. Exit the same way you came in, back through side plank. If this pose is too much place both hands and feet on the floor and lift your hips to the sky for a reverse table pose.

Now go pause, pose, and find peace. We've got a Level 3 pose coming up next week, so get ready!

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